Waste Water Management
Updated: 2/17/2021
Waste Water Management

Storyboard Text

  • Yeah, it looks contaminated
  • Ughh, this place is so beautiful but the water seems so dirty...
  • I don't feel well at all... I think I have diarrhoea, this water is surely contaminated...
  • India is very nice but the water isn't so much, sadly.
  • Waste water management is contaminated water.
  • ;(
  • The water is polluted so it isn't safe anymore to drink water, we can have health problems.
  • Yeah you're right ! It's better for the environment.
  • We should use more bio products for cooking.
  • It's happening the most in India.
  • Do not turn on the clothes washer unless it is full.
  • The household is one of the causes, so Humans are the main cause.
  • Stop going so much on the toilet !! It uses a lot of water !
  • There's a lot of treatments for fight it.
  • Being careful to not use things for nothing.