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Updated: 1/3/2019
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  • Drinking is not a big deal! It's not nearly as harmful as other drugs!
  • That is FALSE! Alcohol will increase your risk for cancer or alcohol poisoning, which can both kill you!
  • drinking is the best way to loosen up at a party!
  • no, it's really not! Drinking makes you act stupid, and say or do things you wouldn't regularly!
  • drinking is SO COOL!
  • stumbling around, passing out, puking on yourself, bad breath, and weight gain aren't cool!
  • I just drink beer and wine because it's safer than liquor!
  • a glass of wine or a bottle of beer contains the same amount of alcohol as a shot of liquor! alcohol is alcohol no matter what!
  • i'll just take a quick shower or drink some coffee and I'll be sober....
  • that's a myth and it doesn't work! no matter what, it takes 3-5 hours for alcohol to leave the body.
  • drinking won't cause me any problems in life...
  • if you're under 21, drinking can get you in trouble with the law. you're also more likely to get poor grades or be a victim of crime
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