The pelgrims and the first Thanksgiving
Updated: 4/21/2020
The pelgrims and the first Thanksgiving
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  • They have no right to practice their religion!
  • 400 years ago ( 13 years after the first colony in America)
  • There are perrsecuting us ! Let's go with the others to the Netherlands.
  • We can go to England and there, we will ask if we can go to America.
  • It's too hard ! We haven't jobs and the local traditions are bad for our children.
  • Yes I'm agree with you but where can we go?
  • Okay, we give you two boats : the Speedwell and Mayflower
  • We represant a little comunity and we would like to go to America to practrice our religious. Please!
  • September 6, 1620
  • After the loss of the Speedwell due to a storm, Saints who survived the diseases arrived in Amercia
  • After 66 days at sea the Shipman cired out : "man the America had been sighted "
  • To exit the Mayflower, each passenger had to sign the compact mayflower
  • They started building their village in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  • The first winter was very harsh and the Saints lost half of their pilgrims but the most important thing was to practice their religions freely.
  • I'm not surprised of they arrival. It was preductable but let's meet them...
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