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Updated: 5/21/2020
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  • The sniper is on a rooftop and just finished eating his meal and decides to have a cigarette but the light of the flame gave his spot out to the enemies letting them know where he was and one sniper shot at him but missed so the sniper quickly put his cigarette out and got down.
  • Should I light a smoke?
  • The sniper hurried and got to his gun, he saw avechile but didn't shoot knowing the bullets wouldn't work on that metal, but he shot his gun, and the head of the of the person he shot went rolling leaving the women frightened so she ran.
  • The sniper shot at the tank and women giving up his cover and giving the enemy his location. The other sniper shoots at the sniper shooting him in the arm leaving him unable to pick his rifle up.
  • The republican sniper fooled the other sniper by making him think he was dead, then the sniper grabbed his revolver and shot the enemy and killed him and watched him fall to the ground.
  • The sniper dropped his gun and was feeling guilty and regretting his decision, when he dropped his gun it hit the rooftop and fired and just missed his head. The sniper pulled out a flask and starting to drink.
  • The sniper was curious abou the identity of the person he shot and all though it was risky he wanted to know, the sniper wenttowards the corpse and a michange gun went off and put holes in the street and in buildings, the sniper dived next to the corpse to find out it was his brother.
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