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The Cinderella of New-York
Updated: 3/27/2020
The Cinderella of New-York
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  • Once upon a time in Brooklyn....
  • I don't really know... I was thinking about asking this guy but... nevermind.
  • I'm so glad you came over!
  • You're welcome Daisy! So, who are you taking to prom?
  • Well I've seen this guy at the coffee shop where I work, he is very cute! But he is from a rich family in Manhanttan and I'm poor... He will never want to go out with me!
  • What do you mean ''nevermind?'' Who is it?
  • At the store:
  • Don't be silly everybody would wanna go out with you! Hey if you want i have a friend who could help!
  • Yes of course! Let me text her real quick... [a few moments later] She's willing to meet you on tuesday!
  • Really you would do that for me?
  • Tuesday, at the cafe:
  • So you're telling me you know him?
  • Yes he's in my chemistry class, his name is James Wood
  • That sounds fun, I'm in! But how am I gonna ask him out?
  • I can help you get into our prom if you'd like! But you'll have to pretend you're from our school to get in.
  • I actually already asked him to go to prom with you and he agreed hahaha... Let's go shopping now!
  • How do I look?
  • Thank you girl!
  • That dress looks so good on you!
  • All right gotta go, see you at prom
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