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Comic 3
Updated: 3/26/2020
Comic 3
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  • Max, look there's a boat. Let's catch a ride with them!
  • The boat represents ferredoxin. Ferridoxin grabs the electrons (remora) from photosystem I (dolphin) and travels around the outside of the thylakoid membrane.
  • Oliver, there's a big ship. Let's go!
  • The bid ship represents NADP+ reductase. H+ (from stroma) and NADP+ molecules enter NADP+ reductase and ejects NADPH
  • The submarine represents ATP synthase. H+ ions (from the cytochrom complex and the water that was broken apart during the photosystem II process) come into ATP synthase from the lumen and are ejected into the stroma. ATP synthase creates ATP by the insertion of ADP and inorganic phosphate.
  • Max, Let's finish our adventure with that submarine!
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