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Creation Story
Updated: 9/21/2020
Creation Story
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  • I should create more creatures to test their loyalty.
  • But first, I should create a place for them to stay.
  • There is no other creature as loyal to you as the angles MY LORD!
  • This will do but, I want them to have limits and I want them to feel safe .
  • I will them give something to look forward to everyday
  • I shall separate the day from the night so they shall rest.
  • "LET THERE BE LIGHT". This will be called "Day" and the darkness will be called "Night".
  • The stars will make light on Earth at night and the sun will keep it warm during the day.
  • I want them to always have a goal and want to go further so I will make the universe and hide secrets within it.
  • The Earth needs a neighbour so I shall make the moon and it will also make the nights longer.
  • They will be mortals so they need an atmosphere. I will create the sky to protect them for any danger from outside.
  • What if they get hungry or thirsty My LORD!
  • I have created for them animals of all sorts and have made them vegetation.
  • I will also give them water to clean and drink to extinguish their thirst.
  • I have made creatures for everywhere on this Earth so they can thrive anywhere
  • I have also made creatures that will pose danger to them so they stay sane.
  • *ROAR*
  • I have finally created the creatures and I will call them "Humans" and their life is a test for the afterlife.
  • You and all your children will come back to me one day and I will chose where you go next.
  • We will populate this Earth for you My LORD!
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