Sound of Thunder
Updated: 6/2/2020
Sound of Thunder

Storyboard Text

  • Hello my name is Eckels I was wondering about the safari?
  • Hello Eckels, my name is Travis. I will be your safari guide.
  • Do you guarantee our safety and us coming back?
  • We do not guarantee anything unfortunately
  • Oh I won't, sir!
  • It couldn't be that bad...
  • I must warn you though, do NOT step off the path, whatever you do! Time could be altered because of the smallest things.
  • Eckels reads the sign that says, "TIME SAFARI, INC. SAFARIS TO ANY YEAR IN THE PAST. YOU NAME THE ANIMAL. WE TAKE YOU THERE. YOU SHOOT IT." Interested, he is introduced to Travis his guide. He pays the money that is required to go on the safari.
  • Kill it!!
  • Eckels is ready to get going when he asks the question, "do you guarantee our safety and us coming back?" Travis replies with, "No, unfortunately we do not guarantee anything. Eckels doesn't think much of it at the time but he sure will in the future. Well actually in the past.
  • Please don't leave me here! I'm sorry!
  • Fine. We'll take you back. It couldn't have made that much of a difference...
  • Before they leave, Travis warns Eckels to NOT STEP OFF OF THE PATH. Travis agrees, but does not think much of it as a threat. Travis goes on to talk about how the smallest thing could alter time as we know it. Eckels agrees, and they set out on their journey.
  • Look at what you've done...
  • BOOM
  • The Tyrannasourus Rex is way bigger than Eckels would have ever though. He flees while the others shoot their bullets at it in attempts to kill it. While running, Eckels steps off the path and onto a butterfly, killing it and then continuing on to the vehicle.
  • After stepping off of the path, the crew is reluctant to take Eckels back with them to the present time. Travis finally gives in, and decides to take him but to teach him a lesson he makes him dig the bullets out of the dinosaur. It couldn't make that much of a difference killing one butterfly...
  • When they arrive to their present time, they realize something is wrong. The sign on the door reads different. "What have you done??" Screams Travis. They soon notice a man walking by and ask him who won the election. "Why, Deutscher of course!" After that reply, a gun raises and a sound of thunder echoes through the sky.