Comp 2 LRR rewritten
Updated: 6/15/2020
Comp 2 LRR rewritten
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Storyboard Description

Comp 2 Media task: Little Red Riding Hood rewritten under a different genre, in this case, a karate movie

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1: Lee overhears a suspicious conversation between a wolf and girl after he monologues
  • Camera Movement 2 (Wide shot to see all)
  • Camera Movement 1 (Close up to see his suspicion)
  • Scene 2: Wolf convinces the girl to go a long route to her grandmother's while he goes towards their house, Lee follows
  • Wide Shot to close up of wolf smirking and laughing
  • Scene 3: Lee witnesses the wolf eat the grandmother and goes to warn the girl after the wolf's monologue
  • Scene 6: They fight and Lee wins, pulls out a sword and defeats the wolf
  • Pans from the wolf to zoom in on Lee's emotions
  • Camera Pans away from grandmother to censor her death
  • Close-ups of the characters to show their sorrow
  • Scene 4: Lee tells the girl her GM's dead and it's his fault they cry, but decide on a plan
  • Scene 5: Lee enters GM's house in the girl's hood, his disguise is reveiled
  • Close-ups to show Lee's nervousness about being caught
  • Close-ups to show wolf's suspicion,
  • Wide shots to get a good clear view of the action to prevent audience confusion
  • Close up of Lee when wolf is killed to censor the violence and shows his emotions
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