Updated: 1/11/2020
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Merve and her family move to a new house. Merve tries to get used to her new home, neighborhood and school. Also, she meets new people.

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  • My daughter , this is our new home. We will live in this house.
  • Now, let's go and show you our new house.
  • I am so glad you like it. Also, I believe that you will like it more when you see the neighborhood .
  • I liked my new room and our house.
  • Ok. You can go out but you come back quickly.
  • I am very curious about the neighborhood. Can I go out and walk around ?
  • Merve and her parents moved to new house. Her mother is Ayşe and her father is Mehmet. They were excited to start living their new house.
  • Hi, my name is Merve, My family and I moved to this neighborhood.
  • Hello Merve. Welcome to our neighborhood. My name is Cem.
  • Hi, I am Aleyna. Nice to meet you.
  • Merve liked her new room and house. So, her mother was very happy and relieved to hear her daughter liked it. Also she told her daughter that she would love their new neighborhood.
  • It is a beautiful park. OK, let's play but then I must go to home.
  • This is our park.
  • Let's play game in the park.
  • Then, Merve asked her mother for permission to explore her new neighborhood and she went out for a walk.
  • Me too.
  • I am so glad.
  • I came. I met new friends and we played together.
  • Merve met two children while she was walking around. After that, they became friends.
  • They went to the park together. After playing together for a short time, Merve left to go home. Merve was happy on the way home.
  • When she came home, she told her new friends.So, her family was happy because their daughter found new friends and she was used to her new life.
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