Peter the Great
Updated: 10/18/2020
Peter the Great

Storyboard Text

  • One day a boy named Peter the Great was made to be an heir to the Russian throne but he was too young... Although he had an older brother, his brother was ill so they joined the throne together with Isabella Romanov as their regent.
  • Peter wanted to make Russia more advanced as the other countries were.. So he set out to a German enclave 3 miles from Moscow where he was taught new technology by Franz Timmerman such as a sextant.
  • Sophia was a mean woman. She thought that Peter was trying to lead a rebellion against her and so she ordered the palace guards to seize him
  • SEIZE HIM!!!
  • But.. after Peter became the tsar, the guards turned against Isabella.. And when Peter got the chance, he banished her.
  • Get out!
  • A sextant helps you with measuring angles!
  • He learned how to build ships and started building 5 ships for Russia then he left to go to other countries in Europe to see how they worked.
  • Peter traveled to Sweden, Berlin, and Amsterdam where he learned how to build houses in water using canals and how to build ships. After he became an undercover carpenter, he built a ship and then used that to sail to England and learn their architecture!
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