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My Coming of Age
Updated: 5/6/2020
My Coming of Age
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  • In the begging, my young self started out not caring about anything.
  • I agree with your mother. You need to clean up your act as soon as possible!
  • We are starting to notice that you are becoming more irresponsible.
  • Ughhh. There is nothing wrong with me! Leave me alone!
  • It got to a point where I started to become disrespectful along with irresponsible.
  • Ugh I will do it later leave me alone...
  • clean this mess up!
  • At this point, the disrespect was getting worse.
  • I thought I asked you to clean the dishes earlier. Why did you not?
  • I was busy, now stop bothering me.
  • My imaturity and disrespect began to get even worse, to the point where I started to hurt my family members.
  • Thats it! I am very angry with you son! Go to your room this instant!
  • Your so annoying and stupid! I hate you!
  • Waaaaaaa! Your such a meanie! Waaaaaaa!
  • What is happening to our son???
  • At this point, I began to think I knew everything, and I believed I knew more about myself than my parents knew.
  • Son, your mother and I are worried about you. You have been behaving strangely lately.
  • UGHHH! Just leave me alone! Nothing is wrong with me!
  • What has gotten into you?
  • *Sister cries*WAAAAA! Why is he such a meanie to me! WAAAA!
  • On this night, where I sat down and overheard something that really caught my attention about the way I have been acting lately
  • I have to fix this.
  • Oh no! what have I done. My sister seems very hurt. When I look at my filthy room I think of how disappointed my father is. I think back to the dishes and how I disrespected my mother by ignoring her...
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