The last book in the universe project
Updated: 11/7/2020
The last book in the universe project

Storyboard Text

  • Character- A character that I chose to represent this category is Ryter. Ryter was a very old man who had nothing but love and wisdom in his heart. Always looking for a adventure and bringing light to any sad situation. A quote from the text that I have to back this up is, on page 45 chapter 9. Ryter says, "I'll make it, he gasps. "I've got a book to finish". This shows that he's always thinking positive and never letting the worse get the best of him.
  • Character & setting- Some of the settings that were included in this story where Eden, trader Ville, mago the magnificent room and many other places. But I mainly want to focus on the setting of Eden. The way Eden effects spaz, bean, Ryter and even little face is astonishing. Eden makes spaz more open minded about everything around him, He wants to know about everything and learning that this utopia like place called Eden is in fact real. My quote to back this up is, on page 120, chapter 24. It says, "The floors are made of this cool slick-but-not-slippery stuff they call "marbelluim" and it changes colors and surface depending on who occupies the space what their mood is." This shows that he's observation everything that's going on and he's fascinated by it.
  • Character & Theme- Spaz's attitude and emotions influence the theme of this story a lot, and so does lanaya's actions and attitude. "Keep going, no matter what" is the theme I'm pulling out of this story, Something to back it up is this. On page 86, chapter 17. It says, "I mean, what's to stop us from finding your sister and then just running away?". This shows my theme of "Keep going, no matter what". All of the characters showed this expression. But that quote shows this because she kept fighting for it even after the latch boss said no. She did all this for Spaz and bean out of selflessness. Looking for nothing in return.
  • we have to keep going!
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