Freak the Mighty Vocabulary

Freak the Mighty Vocabulary
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Freak the Mighty

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  • (noun) Freak often references the legendary British King and his knights of the round table.
  • (noun) a machine designed to achieve flight by means of flapping wings.
  • (adj.) beautiful, lovely. Freak gave his mother Gwen the nickname "The Fair Gwen" after King Arthur's beloved Guinevere
  • "My mom's name is Gwen, so sometimes I call her the Fair Guinevere or the Fair Gwen... Arthur's magical sword is called Excalibur, and the Fair Guinevere is this pretty girl who becomes his queen. 'Fair' in those days meant the same as 'beautiful' does now."
  •  FREAK THE MIGHTY Vocabulary
  • (noun) an automaton that resembles a human being. Max is so surprised at Kevin's appearance and his huge vocabulary that at first he calls him a humanoid.
  • "I said identify yourself, earthling, or suffer the consequences!"
  • (verb) walk in a proud, confident way
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