User Flow Wireframes and Examples

Designing and building a streamlined user flow is much easier than it sounds. There are always many more potential user options and paths than initially meets the eye, and creating an efficient and simple user flow becomes increasingly more difficult as your product matures. Creating a user flow wireframe is a great place to start to help you map out all of your potential user choices. Use our templates and create a user flow wireframe today!

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3 Tips for Creating a User Flow Wireframe

  1. Incorporate Flow Chart Elements

    Your user flow wireframe should incorporate arrows, lines, and shapes similar to those of a flowchart. When the user clicks on button A, clearly show they are dropped on page B, where they'll have the options to choose from button C or D. Laying out your user flow in a flowchart style will allow you and your product development team to step back and view your user flow as a whole.

  2. Be Specific

    Be as specific as possible in labeling your user actions or decisions. Remember that your users are not as familiar with your product as you are and that they may get confused easily. Clearly label exactly what a user has to do to achieve their objective, and outline each step along the way to find potential user flow holes or gaps.

  3. Conduct User Interviews

    Once your user flow wireframe is complete, ask real users to walk through it and read their reactions. Are most of them being confused or tripped up by one step in particular? Do you have too big of a gap between steps 3 and 4? Conducting real user interviews is the best way to gain quick insight on how users view your product


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