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Put Down - İngilizce Deyimsel Fiiller

İngilizce Phrasal Fiil: To Put Down

İngilizce Deyimsel Fiiller "to down" gibi aldatıcıdır! ENL öğrencilerinin her anlamı kavramasına yardımcı olmak için Resim Ansiklopedimize göz atın!

Resimli kılavuzlarımızdan bazılarına göz atın!

Öykü Açıklama

İngilizce Phrasal Fiiller - To Down

Öykü Penceresi Metni

  • TO PUT DOWNTo place something you have been carrying on a surfaceExample: Tim was told to put the bag down in the kitchen.
  • Your cat is very sick. I think it would be best to put her down.
  • Where should I put the groceries?
  • You can put them down in the kitchen.
  • TO PUT DOWNTo write somethingExample: The teacher told the class to put down their opinions in their essays.
  • I'll come down as soon as I've put the baby down.
  • Don't forget to put down your views and opinions in your essays.
  • TO PUT DOWNTo make a first payment or a deposit on somethingExample: Sasha wants to put a deposit down on the blue car.
  • What do you think about this car?
  • I love it! Can I put down a deposit today?
  • You are so stupid! Why can't you carry a bag of groceries to the car without breaking anything,
  • Rick's AUTODEALS
  • Why are you always trying to put me down?
  • TO PUT DOWNTo end the life of an animal because it is very sick or injuredExample: Courtney's cat was very old and sick, so the vet decided the best plan was to put the cat down.
  • TO PUT DOWNTo put a baby to sleepExample: Sophie put the baby down and then came down for dinner.
  • TO PUT DOWNTo criticize someone to make them feel stupid, especially in public.Example: Mike would always put Sally down in public.
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