Budizm Edebiyat Bağlantısı: Bodhi Ağacının Altında

Budizm Edebiyat Bağlantısı: Bodhi Ağacının Altında
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Buda bir ağacın altında oturur, meditasyon yapar. Zeytin dalı tutan bir güvercin ona doğru uçar.

Budizm Nedir?

Liane Hicks'ten Ders Planları

Buddhism is practiced by over 500 million people worldwide and is the world's fourth largest religion. Buddhism is about 2,500 years old and began in the 6th century based on the teachings of the Buddha. While it began in India, within a few centuries Buddhism spread throughout Asia. Today, Buddhists live all around the world but are mainly concentrated in East and Southeast Asia. It is a religion centered on peace and tranquility and the importance of leading a moral and good life.


Öykü Açıklama

Öğretmenler, öğrencilerin tarih boyunca farklı insanları, yerleri, olayları ve fikirleri görselleştirmelerine ve anlamalarına yardımcı olmak için edebiyatı kullanabilir. Öğretmenler, öğrencilere bireysel veya gruplar halinde çeşitli kitaplar atayabilir veya bir bütün=sınıf sesli okuma yapabilirler. Okuduktan sonra öğrenciler hikayenin ana bölümlerini bir anlatı storyboard kullanarak yeniden anlatabilirler.

Öykü Penceresi Metni

  • Long, long ago in the Lumbini Province of India, a baby boy was born named Siddhartha Gautama. He was born a prince and was raised in a life of luxury.
  • Right Concentration
  • Siddhartha grew to be a kind and gentle child. Once he found a wounded swan and nursed it back to health. Like the swan, Siddhartha wanted to spread his wings, but his father wanted to keep him away from the outside world in order to keep him safe and hidden away from any pain and sadness.
  • Right Understanding
  • Right Thought
  • Siddhartha was allowed to visit the city and his father ordered a festival so his son would only see happy sights. But Siddhartha explored and saw someone who was sick, someone who was old, and someone who had died. After seeing suffering, he thought, How can I help others? His father wanted him to succeed him as a ruler but Siddhartha said: "Even the wisest ruler cannot stop sickness, old age, and death. I want to find a way to help people live with inner peace."
  • On his journey, Siddhartha found a tree and sat beneath it to meditate. After many days a woman saw him and thought he looked hungry so she brought him rice and milk. Siddhartha thanked her for her kindness. He continued to meditate and came to a greater understanding about the world. This tree is called the Bodhi tree, which means enlightenment.
  • Right Mindfulness
  • When fears and worries came into his mind, Siddhartha kept meditating so his mind was still and peaceful. Just before dawn, he saw the morning star in the east. He felt himself soar fully alive and saw how all of life fit together. His ideas became the Eightfold Path. With his new enlightenment, Siddhartha became The Awakened One, the Buddha.
  • Right Effort
  • Right Livelihood
  • Right Action
  • Right Speech
  • After achieving enlightenment, Buddha went out into the world to teach others the way to inner peace. Those who follow his teachings are called Buddhists. But anyone can learn to lead with a life centered around compassion and find their own inner peace.
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