Ella Büyülü Özet

Ella Büyülü Özet
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Gail Carson Levine Tarafından Büyülenen Ella

Gail Carson Levine tarafından Büyülenen Ella

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Bebek Ella, Frell ülkesinde varlıklı bir ailenin çocuğu olarak dünyaya geldi. Tüm yeni doğan bebeklerin yaptığı gibi, Lucinda perisinden özel bir hediye aldı: itaat hediyesi. Ne olursa olsun, Ella kendisine verilen her emre itaat edecekti ve kimseye hediyesinden bahsetmemeliydi. Ella yaşlandıkça, bunun pek de amaçlanan bir hediye olmadığını fark eder: Bu bir lanetti. Newbery Ödüllü Ella Enchanted , her zaman popüler olan Cinderella peri masalı üzerine yaratıcı ve eğlenceli bir dönüş ve her yaştan insanın kalbini kazanacağı kesin.

Ella Büyülü

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  • ELLA ENCHANTEDby Gail Carson Levine
  • She's just perfect!
  • You have to give me the ripest berries.
  • Ella Enchanted is set in the land of Frell, and is a story of a young girl's struggle to break the curse that was bestowed upon her when she was just a baby. It is a tale of courage, strength, and love.
  • Baby Ella was born into a wealthy family in the land of Frell. As all newborn babies do, she received a special gift from the fairy Lucinda: the gift of obedience. No matter what, Ella was to obey every command that was given to her, and she mustn’t tell anyone about her gift. As Ella gets older, she realizes that this isn’t quite the gift that it was intended to be: it was a curse.
  • No, no, I won't marry you!
  • Say you'll marry me, Ella.
  • When Ella’s mother dies, she is forced to go to finishing school with Hattie and Olive, and returns home after running away to attend a giant’s wedding, hoping to find Lucinda to reverse the curse. Her father marries Dame Olga and then leaves indefinitely. Dame Olga makes Ella a maid.
  • Ella attends Char’s three homecoming balls, disguised with a mask. Hattie rips off the mask and Ella runs, losing her glass slipper. She and Mandy prepare to run away.
  • Char arrives at Ella’s home and proposes to her. Ella says no, knowing that her curse would become a burden and a danger to Char. Because she refused the proposal, it is clear that Ella’s curse is broken.
  • Ella and Char get married and Mandy lives with them as their cook. They live happily ever after.
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