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Teacher Guides

To help our community get the most out of Storyboard That, we have worked tirelessly to create world class teacher guides. With these guides your students will rapidly master concepts and have fun doing it!

Each teacher guide contains:

  • 5-7 Common Core aligned class activities of various difficulties
  • Tips from our artists on how to make the “perfect storyboard”
  • Teacher Refreshers

We are working as fast as we can to produce our high quality guides and we realize not every subject or unit is represented. Most of our units are designed to be “expanded upon” and as a teacher you should feel free to take what we have and make it your own, or send us an email at Feedback@StoryboardThat.com and we promise to read it and respond.

Some of our favorites: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Greek Mythology, and The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

Lesson Plans

Storyboard That has numerous lesson plans that can be adapted to fit any use case. Learn how to use storyboards in your class room with a barrage of ideas, activities, and storyboard examples that highlight the content that you are currently teaching.

With Storyboard That’s lesson plans you will find ways to teach skills so that students master the content not just breeze through it.

Fun, Easy & Engaging

Storyboard That was designed to be fun, easy and engaging to create amazing looking storyboards. By allowing students to focus on what they want to say and not worrying about how to draw it, it unleashes truly powerful and creative thinking.

  • Creativity – By freeing students to create anything the only limits are their own imaginations and the constraints of the assignments.

  • Confidence – Students of all ages can’t wait to show off what they were able to create.

  • Collaboration – As students dive deeper into their own storyboards they often can’t wait to ask their friends for their opinion on how to make it better.

To really get the biggest value we often see teachers combine a storyboard with a Turn a Storyboard into a Presentation.

IPAD Friendly

Storyboard That is a HTML 5 website and works flawlessly on any device without the need to install an app. Simply go to the Storyboard That website on your tablet and begin creating your storyboard.

Privacy & Security

We value you and your student’s privacy. With teacher accounts we allow you to control what can and can’t be shared and we never ask for your students’ personal information.

Powerful Export

More fun than creating storyboards is sharing them with others. With Storyboard That’s extensive options you can download an image pack, an animated PowerPoint presentation (works with Keynote), or make a copy.

Easy to get Started

We provide you all the tools, wizards, and widgets you need to get started in the classroom. From adding students, viewing reports, and seeing all your students’ storyboards we aim for a smooth and uncomplicated start up experience.

ELA Teacher Guides k-5

ELA Teacher Guides 6-8

ELA Teacher Guides 9-12


Foreign Languages


Graphic Organizers

Narrative Structures

Literary Elements

Literary Analysis

Character Evolution

Reading Reinforcement

Parts of Speech & Grammar

Social Stories

Classroom Management

Learning Difficulties

Learning Aids

Life Skills

Film Making

Teacher References

Teacher Edition

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Storyboard That - Teacher Edition

Use our amazing storyboard creator with your classroom. Learn More about our teacher edition we create a private section of the website just for you and your students.

Check out Photos For Class a Website we Created to Quickly Find and Auto-cite Creative Commons Images!