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"Animal Farm" (ch.1-6)

Grade 9/ English Literature (Hultgka)

By the end of the exercise, students will be able to summarize the first six chapters of "Animal Farm". Read More

"The Giver"- Lesson 1 (introduction)

Grade 8/ English Literature (Hultgka)

By the end of this exercise, students will be able to:
  • Identify the setting of "The Giver" by Lois Lowry.
  • Identify and describe the protagonist and other characters of the novel. (ex: Jonas, The Receiver/ The Giver, Lily, Gabriel, Asher, Fiona, or Rosemary)
  • Identify the plot of the first few chapters (depending on student ability or familiarity with plot) of the novel
  • Read More

    "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe

    Grade 9/ English Literature poetry) (Hultgka)

    By the end of the exercise, students will be able to:

    1) Understand and define imagery, figurative language, simile, and metaphor.
    2) Pull out examples of the four literary components listed above.
    3) Understand and describe what is happening in the poem, "The Raven". Read More

    A Walk In The Desert

    Second Grade (Vanderark)

    While reading A Walk in the Desert determine the main idea of this picture, paragraph, or page? What important details can be found in the text that support your thinking?
    Read More

    Basic Spanish Introductory Conversation

    3rd-5th grade Spanish (Researcher)

    Create a storyboard which captures a basic, introductory conversation in Spanish. Read More

    Biogeochemical Cycles

    9-12 Earth Science (Drnunes)

    Students know how water, carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous cycle between the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere, and the atmosphere. Read More

    Elements of Plot

    Sixth Grade-Language Arts (Mrsdilbeck)

    The students will create a sequel to The Limit using six key events. The first two events will introduce the characters, setting and problem of the story. The next two events will show rising action, and the last two events will include the climax and resolution of the story. Read More

    Environmental Public Service Announcement

    High School Civics (Examples)

    Create a storyboard showing a commercial for people to recycle more. Read More

    Equivalent Fractions

    3rd Grade Math (Kayleeholland)

    The kids should start to understand what equivalent means and how to simplify fractions. Read More

    Forms of Government

    12th Grade History (Hultgka)

    By the end of the exercise, students will be able to recognize easily the different forms of government Read More

    Fraction Activity

    Fourth Grade (Samanthajo13)

    Help the students understand the denominator and numerator and how to simplify the faction all the way down. Read More

    Help Stacy and Linda out of the forest!

    kindergarten math (Chaneycooper)

    The goal in this exercise to count the trees to find a way of the forest. Read More

    Impact of School Bullying & Cyber Bullying

    7th or 8th Grade (Aaron)

    Discuss how bulling (cyber bullying and school bullying) impacts students and what they can do to prevent it. Read More

    Julius Caesar

    English 10 (Mrscornett)

    The goal of this assignment is to exhibit a comprehensive understanding of a major work of literature--William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar--by creating a visual and textual representation of a specific scene from the play. Read More

    Kindergarten Farm Animals

    Kindergarten Mrs. Trott's kindergarten class science (Rachel_Woods)

    The students are to understand the differences of feathers, fur, and hair Read More

    Kindergarten Matters

    Kindergarten (Acharris)

    The students will learn how to spell using the smart board game word find. Read More

    Knowledge of Texas Symbols

    First Grade/History (Kennakye)

    The goal of this lesson is for students to know and identify the different symbols of Texas, including the Texas flag, flower, tree, ect. Read More

    Lewis and Clark Expedition

    8th Grade History (Jeremyadams)

    After this exercise, students should be able to outline Lewis & Clark's expedition across the US, and their discovery of the Pacific Ocean. Read More

    Love of Animals

    1 - 4 (Gee)

    By the end of the exercise, students will be able to identify different kinds of animals and birds in the world.
    Read More


    English 12 (Bbisbee)

    Your goal is to create two storyboards, one for Macbeth and one for Lady Macbeth, that trace character development throughout the course of the play. Read More

    Martin Luther and "The Ninety-Five Theses on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences"

    Social Studies (Jpellett85)

    The objective is to teach students about Martin Luther's 1517 "The Ninety-Five Theses...," which would spark the Protestant Reformation. Read More

    Measurement Review

    6th Grade/ Age 11 - 12 (Calie32)

    The objective is to have the students review measurement. The students need to review finding area, volume and perimeter as well as measurement for temperature and time. Read More

    Ming Lo Moves The Mountain

    Second - Literature (Ttwinam)

    Using pictorial and title clues to make reasonable predictions. Read More


    9th grade/ Biology (Hultgka)

    By the end of the exercise, students will have a firm understanding of mitosis and the cell cycle Read More

    Mrs Kris Mena-Clifford

    US History 10th (Krismena)

    Students will create a storybook on the 1920's
    Students will review what they remember of the 20's Read More

    Order Of Operations

    7th Grade/Math (Lillichampion)

    To help the students learn the correct order to solve a multistep equations. Read More

    Parts of Speech

    Grade 6/ English Grammar (Hultgka)

    By the end of the exercise, students will be able to define adverb, adjective, pronoun and preposition. They will also be able to cite examples from literature that they have explored in or out of class of the parts of speech. Read More

    Presidents of the Republic of Texas

    4th grade Social Studies (Carley0918)

    Learn about the 4 Presidents of the Republic of Texas Read More

    Properties of Operations

    Grade 9/Math (Hultgka)

    By the end of the exercise, students will have a firm understanding of the associative, commutative, and distributive properties. Read More

    Rhetoric 101

    8th English/Language Arts (Haleylee)

    Review basics of rhetoric before reviewing vocabulary topics Read More

    Romeo & Juliet: Creating a Storyboard

    9th Grade (The_Fellowship_Of_Eng350)

    Purpose: The purpose of this mini-lesson is to help students digitally and visually lay out their ideas by incorporating technology. At this point, students will begin the process of taking their ideas from the free write and generating a more solid idea that the students will expand on in order to draft an alternative ending to Romeo and Juliet. Read More

    Rounding Whole Numbers

    3rd Grade Math (Jpellett85)

    The goal of this exercise is to give students practice at rounding whole numbers up and down to the nearest multiple ten. Read More

    Scrapbook of Mark Twain's Life

    4th and 5th grade Advanced Learning Program (Gifted Classes) (Monica_Af9958234)

    The students will apply what they learned about Mark Twain by creating a storyboard about his life. Read More

    Shot Heard 'Round The World (Beginning of the American Revolution)

    7th Grade Social Studies (Jlbq49)

    Students will be able to understand the importance of the beginning of the American Revolution. Read More

    Story of Your Own

    High School / IT Computer (Avbarron)

    Your goal is to create a book of story board which will total of at least 82 pages. Completing in a group 3 pages a week of story boards. This book will be an ebook and given a group grade. Read More

    Storyboard Bemrick English Comp

    7th grade/ English Comp (Tarenholder)

    To be able to identify and define what a controlling idea is, and properly explain it to others. Read More

    Storyboard Book Trailers

    Grade 3-5 (Ehaney)

    Summarize a recent fiction book in order to entice potential readers.
    Create a trailer for the book that builds excitement for the audience without spoiling the ending. Read More

    Texas Symbols

    First Grade for Social Studies (Shellymaeburnett)

    The goal of this exercise is to teach the students and to help them have a better understanding of Texas symbols. Read More

    The beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    1st grade, school. (Daniela_48Da965e1)

    To create and invent a storyboard, and practice english. (it's better to work in small groups) Read More

    The Pearl

    10th (Sgpelos)

    To use key concepts of story "The Pearl" by Steinbeck Read More

    Twilight Zone - Eye of the Beholder

    5th, 6th, and 7th grade (Aaron)

    Show the plot progression of Rod Serling's Eye of the Beholder. Read More

    Twilight Zone - The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street - Plot Diagram

    5th through 7th grade (Aaron)

    Create a plot diagram of the Monsters are Due on Maple street
    Read More

    Weather- Cloudy and Cool

    1st grade science (Shelbyturner)

    The goal of this exercise is to show kids that weather is everywhere not just in the classroom. Read More

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