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Lesson Plan For "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe

Grade 9/ English Literature poetry)


By the end of the exercise, students will be able to:

1) Understand and define imagery, figurative language, simile, and metaphor.
2) Pull out examples of the four literary components listed above.
3) Understand and describe what is happening in the poem, "The Raven".
Figurative language in "The Raven"   View Details   Create a Copy


Students should create three pictures using Storyboardthat. These should be comprised of:

1) One example of imagery in "The Raven".
2) One example of a simile
3) One example of a metaphor


Student may select to compare this poem's use of language with that of another work.


Students must come to the lesson with an understanding of simile, metaphor, imagery and figurative language.

State Standards

All of the standards listed below come from the Mass DOE state ELA standards:

14.5 Identify, respond to, and analyze the effects of sound, form, figurative
language, graphics, and dramatic structure of poems
15.5 Identify and analyze imagery and figurative language.

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