SoLoMoFoo Business Model Comparison

SoLoMoFoo Business Model Comparison
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Business Model Comparison to help with gtm or go to market strategy

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  • Revenue Model
  • Selling Licenses to a Company
  • Enterprise
  • 50 Licenses for $49.95 per Year
  • Buy Now
  • Ad Revenue
  • Consumer
  • Free Cupcakes on the 7th floor kitchen
  • Growth Model
  • The IT deparment will log in to and purchase licenses for however many users they need.
  • Convincing HR this is a Great Benefit
  • As part of the in-app experience ad banners will be shown to users.
  • Viral Usage
  • CLICK ME!!!! I'm an Ad!
  • Five EASY ways to improve Company Morale
  • Follow me and all my snacks. Just Install SoLoMoFoo
  • User Benefits
  • Go after the HR market who has budget to afford the software, that IT will then install. Sponsored blog posts on tips and tricks is a great channel.
  • Happier Employees
  • I love the increase in free food in the office!
  • Whenever food is shared, add the ability to leave a print out with a QR code for people to subscribe to updates.
  • Personal Praise
  • You just received a new review
  • Corporate customers are happy if their employees are happy. When employees are hangry, everyone loses!
  • For the person bringing in the snack, feeling appreciated for their craft is a major ego boost.
  • Risk
  • Legal Liability
  • Please be very careful. You already know you have a dangerous peanut allergy!
  • Strangers Showing Up
  • Who are these people?!
  • Companies don't want to be liable if there is a bad reaction to free food and they are perceived as being a part of the process and therefore responsible.
  • If random people start showing up at the door the person who posted the food is going to look foolish! In the enterprise version alerts are automatically localized to the company.
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