Public Service Announcement - Global Warming

Public Service Announcement - Global Warming
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إعلانات الخدمة العامة

PSA - اعلانات الخدمة العامة

By Anna Warfield

A public service announcement, commonly known by the PSA acronym, is a message spread in the interest of the public. The objectives of PSAs are to raise awareness and change public attitudes, opinions, or even behavior towards an issue. These messages can be instructional, inspirational, or even shocking to elicit emotion and action.

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Public Service Announcement Examples - Global Warming. Create PSAs in your class!

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  • PSA
  • Global Warming
  • We need to take care of Earth
  • or it could end up like this.
  • Choose the right path!
  • Take action to make our world beautiful again!
  • Make our air clear again!
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