Travel Brochure Sample
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Travel Brochure Sample
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واحدة من أفضل الميزات للاستفادة منها هي مخططاتنا الأكبر ، وهي أحجام النشرات والملصقات. على الرغم من أن هذه الأحجام تمنح الأطفال القدرة على إنشاء ملصقات ومنظمين للرسوميات وقصص كبيرة الحجم ، إلا أنها تأتي في متناول يدي لمشاريع غير متصلة بالإنترنت.

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Travel Brochure Poster Template example

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  • The Eiffel Tower was constructed from 1887 - 1889 by Gustave Eiffel. It's 324 meters (1,063 feet) tall and is located in Paris, France. It is perhaps one of the most well known French landmarks, drawing over 6 million visitors each year.
  • Place Picture Here
  • While croissants and French bread are perhaps the most well known French foods, they are also known for macarons, chocolate mousse, brie, eclair, croque-monsieur, and omelettes.
  • Breakfast in France usually consists of breads with jams, honey, or butter (or a mix) and a hot drink. Sometimes the bread is toasted.
  • Do they eat the same breakfast as us?
  • The Louvre Museum
  • France
  • Arc de Triomphe

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