Filters and Effects

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Filters and Effects
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Filters and Special Effects on Storyboard That

نص القصة المصورة

  • Color is the standard that all images come in by default. There is no "filter" applied.
  • Grayscale turns all images into varying shades of gray. GREAT FOR: showing a past event or memory
  • PEN
  • Sepia converts the images' colors to shades of light brown. GREAT FOR: showing the past / an antiqued look
  • The Pencil filter makes the images look hand-drawn. GREAT FOR: sketchy look
  • The Pen filter is like the pencil filter in that it makes the images look hand-drawn. GREAT FOR: sketchy look or printing out as coloring book images
  • Canvas Bumps adds texture to the image without distorting it. GREAT FOR: adding texture to items
  • BLUR
  • Diffuse Light is a filter that gives a "bubble" look to characters, items, and scenes. GREAT FOR: a more "3-D" appearance
  • The Blur filter makes everything a little fuzzy. GREAT FOR: making the background fade back, so the objects in the foreground stand out
  • The Soft Focus filter makes everything have a soft, brighter quality. GREAT FOR: a more "magical" or dream-like feel