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The Giver Dystopia
Opdateret: 7/2/2019
The Giver Dystopia
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Dystopia Definition & Egenskaber

Af Rebecca Ray

Vi drømmer alle om perfektion: den omhyggeligt kendte fysik og dygtighed hos en olympisk atlet; Det perfekte familiemåltid, som et Norman Rockwell-maleri; det perfekt harmoniske samfund, hvor alle lykkeligt går om deres liv. Men perfektion kommer til en pris og forbliver evigt uden for rækkevidde. Denne modsigelse er bare en af ​​grundene til, at dystopier har fængslet læsere i alle aldre. Ideen om en utopi, sidestillet med den klare virkelighed, at den aldrig kan eksistere, gør en overbevisende ramme for social kommentarer og kritik.

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The Giver Dystopia | The Giver Lesson Plans | Dystopia Definition & meaning | Dystopian books and society | Propaganda

Storyboard Tekst

  • Take these pills dear, they will stop your 'stirrings'.
  • We have selected carefully, and watched over each one of you to ensure that you have been chosen for the right occupation.
  • The Elders can listen and speak everywhere.
  • "This is a reminder that 8's cannot ride bicycles, please report yourself for apology."
  • Dreams are suppressed through medication.
  • Elders are revered and chosen to make decisions that are best for the community.
  • Jonas, you cannot use the word starving. That is a lie. You have never starved and will never know what that is.
  • Examples of Dystopia in "The Giver"
  • It's not right or fair! Everyone should have choices... Whether its the red or blue tunic, or who they should marry!
  • Although everyone is happy, Jonas stresses that because they live in ignorance, their society is far from perfect.
  • All houses are the same, inside and out!
  • Choices are taken away from the people for fear that they cannot handle the consequences.
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