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Regeln von Cynthia Lord Aktivitäten

Regeln von Cynthia Lord

Von Lauren Ayube

Catherines achtjähriger Bruder David hat Autismus; er mag Regeln und Catherine hilft ihm, indem sie Regeln aufstellt und David daran erinnert, wann er sie befolgen muss. Eines Tages trifft Catherine im Wartezimmer von Davids OT-Klinik einen Jungen namens Jason. Sie ahnt nicht, dass die Begegnung mit Jason ihr Leben mehr beeinflussen wird, als sie jemals erwartet hätte.


Storyboard Beschreibung

Erstelle eine visuelle Handlungszusammenfassung für Rules von Cynthia Lord, um Schlüsselmomente im Roman hervorzuheben


  • Rules by Cynthia Lord
  • Here we go, Jason!
  • Living with an autistic brother hasn't been easy, and this summer will be no different. Catherine has always dreamed of having a next door neighbor who is also her best friend. When Kristi moves in, she hopes that her brother David won't ruin it. This summer, however, Catherine will find friendship in the most unlikely of places.
  • I'm just a horrible dancer. Terrible. In fact, I am so bad I even have a rule against it.
  • Catherine’s best friend is away for the summer, but she has high hopes for a new friendship with the girl who moved in next door. Catherine’s brother David has autism; he likes rules and she makes rules and reminds him when to follow them. She often finds herself taking care of David, embarrassed by his behavior, and sometimes resenting the attention that he always gets from their parents. One day, while in the waiting room of David’s OT clinic, Catherine meets a boy named Jason.
  • Jason is in a wheelchair and can only communicate using the cards in his book. Catherine begins making cards for Jason, and they talk every time they are at the clinic. One day, Catherine even takes Jason out for a “run” to show him what it’s like to move fast and free.
  • Kristi invites Catherine to the dance with her and Ryan, and says she should bring her friend Jason along. Catherine is concerned about what people will think about Jason, and declines. When Jason finds out about the dance and realizes that Catherine didn’t want to bring him, he is deeply hurt and upset.
  • Catherine apologizes and invites Jason to the dance, truly hoping that he will come. When Jason arrives, Kristi is mad at Catherine for not being honest about Jason’s handicap, and Catherine realizes what Kristi is really like. Catherine and Jason have a wonderful time at the dance.
  • Catherine realizes the meaning of true friendship and acceptance of all people, and sees her special relationship with her brother in a new light.
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