Resumen de la Actividad

What would the Olympians have tweeted about? Who would show up on Medusa's Instagram? Let your students be creative and have them create social media profiles or pages for the characters of Greek Mythology!

The profiles and what is included on them should be drawn from what students have learned from mythology or from inferences students are able to make. They should include conversations and interactions through the form of private messaging, timeline posts, and more. To expand this activity into a group project, assign each student a character, and have them work with a small group to create interactions between characters.

An alternative to this assignment is to create and print out social media page worksheets for students to complete offline, or give them the choice if they'd like to create digitally or with pen and paper.

To find additional templates for this activity, please check out our social media page templates.

Instrucciones de Plantilla y Clase

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Student Instructions

Create a social media profile for a character of your choice from Greek mythology using a poster-sized storyboard!

  1. Click "Start Assignment" to use the template in the assignment.
  2. Identify important character traits, alliances, moments, and symbols from various myths.
  3. Create images, posts, & biographical information for your character of choice using appropriate scenes, items, and characters.
  4. Save your storyboard!

Referencia del Plan de Lección

Nivel de Grado 6-12

Nivel de Dificultad 4 (Difícil / Complejo)

Tipo de Asignación Individual

Tipo de Actividad: Carteles de Redes Sociales


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