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Continuar - Phrasal Verbs en Inglés

Phrasal Verb en Inglés: To Carry On

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Storyboard Descripción

Phrasal Verbs en Inglés - Continuar

Texto del Guión Gráfico

  • TO CARRY ONTo continueExample: Jeff went to the store while Sue carried on raking leaves.
  • How was your class this morning?
  • You go to the store and buy some more bags. I'll carry on raking the leaves.
  • My last class was awful. My students were carrying on the whole morning!
  • TO CARRY ONTo continue going in the same directionExample: To get to the library you just need to turn left at the lights, then carry on until you see the stop sign.
  • Turn left here. Then carry on until you see the stop sign.
  • What other examples can you use for "to carry on"?
  • TO CARRY ONTo behave badlyExample: The teacher was upset because his students were carrying on.
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