Fate of Oedipus T-Chart - Choices and Consequences

Fate of Oedipus T-Chart - Choices and Consequences
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Causa y Efecto en la Literatura

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Una parte importante de cualquier historia son las relaciones de causa y efecto que ocurren, especialmente durante el conflicto y la acción creciente. Ya sea que examine los efectos sobre el protagonista o sobre la trama misma, es un elemento importante para comprender la literatura. ¡Aprende más aquí!

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Storyboard Descripción

Fate of Oedipus T-Chart - Choices and Consequences (for character development)

Texto del Guión Gráfico

  • King Laius tries to dispose of Oedipus once he hears the prophecy.
  • The servant he sent to abandon Oedipus could not do it. Instead, he was given to a passing herdsman, and was eventually adopted by the King and Queen of Corinth.
  • Oedipus hears a rumor that he might be adopted, so he goes to Delphi to find out. The oracle only tells him​ that he will kill his father and marry his mother.
  • Not knowing the truth, and still believing the King and Queen of Corinth to be his real parents, he leaves the city. At a crossroads, he meets King Laius. The two quarrel, and Oedipus kills him.
  • Oedipus arrives in Thebes to find it being terrorized by the Sphynx. It will only leave after its riddle is answered. Oedipus accepts the challenge, answers it correctly, and saves Thebes.
  • Finding that the Queen of Thebes, Jocasta, was recently widowed, Oedipus marries her to solidify his new leadership.
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