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To examine or inspect something

Example Sentences for the English Phrasal Verb TO LOOK OVER

  1. We looked over the site and could find nothing wrong.
  2. Anna asked Oliver to look over his work and check for errors.
  3. Jason finished writing and looked over his work. This was his best poem yet.
  4. Sheila looked over the newspaper to see if the story had been published.
  5. Always look over your essays before you submit them.

English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs can be extremely tricky for learners of English. The reason for this is twofold: there are lots of them and their meaning is not always obvious from the words that make them up. To make things even more difficult, phrasal verbs can have multiple meanings, adding to the headache for learners.

A phrasal verb is made up of a main verb with an attached preposition or adverb. An example of a phrasal verb is run into. Where run is the main verb and into is the preposition. Phrasal verbs can be separated into two groups, intransitive and transitive verbs. Intransitive phrasal verbs do not have a direct object: go out, for example, "I want to go out tonight". Transitive phrasal verbs have a direct object and they can be split up into two further categories: separable and inseparable. With separable transitive phrasal verbs, the verb and the preposition can be split up. For example, both “turn off the radio” and “turn the radio off” are both correct. Inseparable phrasal verbs cannot be split up. For example, “I’ll look after you” is correct, but “I’ll look you after” is not.

Using Storyboard That you can prepare a visual dictionary of phrasal verbs quickly and easily. Even better than that, have your students create their own phrasal verb visual definitions.

Comment l'utiliser?

Les storyboards du guide illustré contiennent des informations faciles à digérer et un visuel pour stimuler la compréhension et la rétention. Storyboard That Passionné d'agence étudiante, nous voulons que tous soient des conteurs. Les scénarimages sont un excellent moyen de montrer ce que les élèves ont appris et d’enseigner aux autres.

Étudiant Présentant un Scénario

Utilisez ces guides illustrés comme tremplin pour des projets individuels et à l’échelle de la classe!

  • Attribuer un terme / une personne / un événement à chaque élève pour compléter son propre scénario
  • Créez votre propre guide illustré d'un sujet que vous étudiez
  • Créez un guide illustré pour les personnes de votre classe ou de votre école
  • Affichez des storyboards sur les canaux de médias sociaux de la classe et de l'école.
  • Copiez et éditez ces storyboards et utilisez-les comme références ou visuels
Take a look at some visuals to help understand the use of phrasal verbs in our Encyclopédie Illustrée des Verbes de la Phrase Anglaise!
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