SoLoMoFoo Business Model Comparison

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SoLoMoFoo Business Model Comparison
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Styles de Négociation

Comment Choisir la Bonne Stratégie de Mise en Marché

Par Aaron Sherman

Il s'agit de la deuxième partie de notre série illustrée de Guide de développement de produits. Dans l'article précédent, nous avons fait un scénario d'exemple de pitch d'ascenseur incroyable décrivant notre produit et nous assurant que le noyau de notre vision était un produit que les gens voudraient vraiment utiliser. Bien que nous soyons encore très tôt dans notre stratégie de produit, prendre un moment pour "sauter en avant" pour examiner quelques stratégies commerciales nous permettra maintenant d'avoir des conversations plus profondes tout au long du processus de développement de produits.

Découvrez quelques-uns de nos autres articles sur les entreprises!

Storyboard Description

Business Model Comparison to help with gtm or go to market strategy

Texte du Storyboard

  • Revenue Model
  • Selling Licenses to a Company
  • Enterprise
  • 50 Licenses for $49.95 per Year
  • Buy Now
  • Ad Revenue
  • Consumer
  • Free Cupcakes on the 7th floor kitchen
  • Growth Model
  • The IT deparment will log in to and purchase licenses for however many users they need.
  • Convincing HR this is a Great Benefit
  • As part of the in-app experience ad banners will be shown to users.
  • Viral Usage
  • CLICK ME!!!! I'm an Ad!
  • Five EASY ways to improve Company Morale
  • Follow me and all my snacks. Just Install SoLoMoFoo
  • User Benefits
  • Go after the HR market who has budget to afford the software, that IT will then install. Sponsored blog posts on tips and tricks is a great channel.
  • Happier Employees
  • I love the increase in free food in the office!
  • Whenever food is shared, add the ability to leave a print out with a QR code for people to subscribe to updates.
  • Personal Praise
  • You just received a new review
  • Corporate customers are happy if their employees are happy. When employees are hangry, everyone loses!
  • For the person bringing in the snack, feeling appreciated for their craft is a major ego boost.
  • Risk
  • Legal Liability
  • Please be very careful. You already know you have a dangerous peanut allergy!
  • Strangers Showing Up
  • Who are these people?!
  • Companies don't want to be liable if there is a bad reaction to free food and they are perceived as being a part of the process and therefore responsible.
  • If random people start showing up at the door the person who posted the food is going to look foolish! In the enterprise version alerts are automatically localized to the company.
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