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Fragment Unique: Diagramme de Tracé
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A Single Shard par Linda Sue Park Activités

Un seul éclat de Linda Sue Park

Par Lauren Ayube

A Single Shard parle d'un garçon nommé Tree-ear, qui est devenu orphelin à un jeune âge et recueilli par un homme unijambiste nommé Crane-man. Situé dans la Corée du XIIe siècle, Tree-ear commence à travailler pour un potier nommé Min, connu pour son talent de maître et son souci du détail. Apprenez-en plus sur le parcours de Tree-ear avec Storyboard That!

Un Seul Éclat par Linda Sue Park

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Diagramme de tracé

Texte du Storyboard

  • A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park
  • A Single Shard is a story about a boy and his dream of becoming a master potter.
  • NO!!
  • Tree-ear lives in the small Korean village of Ch’ulp’o, under a bridge with his caretaker, an old, one-legged man named Crane-man. Tree-ear is obsessed with pottery and spends his days watching the talented potters create their masterpieces. Tree-ear works for master potter Min, and learns that Min has great talent.
  • The inlay work is remarkable.
  • When an emissary visits the village, Min is chosen as a finalist to create for royalty. Min smashes his pieces that he thinks aren’t prefect, and the emissary gives him one more chance: bring some vases to the palace when they are done. Tree-ear offers to make the journey for Min.
  • Would it be acceptable if we were to call you Hyung-pil from now on?
  • It would be an honor.
  • Along his journey to Songdo, Tree-ear is robbed. The robbers take Min’s beautiful vases and throw them off of a high cliff, shattering them to pieces.
  • Tree-ear refuses to give up, and goes to the bottom of the mountain to find the broken vases. He finds a piece large enough to take to the palace, and the emissary is impressed.
  • Min gets commissioned by the palace, and when Tree-ear returns home, he is sad to hear that Crane-man has died. However, Tree-ear is happy to be a part of Min and Ajima’s family.
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