NextWidget SWOT
עודכן: 12/20/2016
NextWidget SWOT
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זהו שלנו ללכת למו"מ משא ומתן עם storyboards. לתכנן את המשא ומתן הבא שלך עם כלים עסקיים כמו SWOT, חלון Johari, BATNA, ועוד. באמצעות storyboards בהכנה שלך הוא שימושי כדי לשתף את הרעיונות שלך עם עמיתים ו negotiators אחרים.

בדוק כמה מאמרים עסקיים אחרים שלנו!

תיאור Storyboard

how to negotiate - example SWOT Analysis of the fictional start-up NextWidget

טקסט Storyboard

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • • Multi-talented staff • Valuable IP • Low overhead • Well executed agile development
  • Opportunities
  • NextWidget S.W.O.T.
  • • Limited expertise in manufacturing • Low margins • Limited compatibility environment
  • Threats
  • It's great! You should definitely get one!
  • Have you seen the new smart-widgets?
  • I've been thinking of getting one. Do you like yours?
  • Welcome to the 1st Annual Smart-Widget Conference!
  • • Demand projected to increase over the next 5 years • Could integrate well with major SaaS ecosystems • First mover in smart-widget market
  • • Field is open to competition • Compatibility environment could disappear