Bullying - Four Actions You Can Do

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Bullying - Four Actions You Can Do
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בריונות בבית הספר

By Rebecca Ray

כאן ב- Storyboard That, גילינו שבאמצעות לוחות תכנון ליצירת תרחישים של משחק תפקידים, התלמידים יכולים לראות טוב יותר את ההשפעות והמאפיינים של בריונות. באמצעות שיעורים אינטראקטיביים, אתה יכול לעזור לשנות את הלך הרוח של התלמידים מ"בריונות היא בעיה" ל"בריונות היא בעיה, ואני יכול לעשות משהו בנידון".

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Four actions students can take to stop bullying today.

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  • I haven't been feeling safe around here anymore..
  • Why not? What's wrong? Tell me, I am here to listen.
  • … you are perfect the way you are. It's the person who is bullying you who needs help.
  • Bullying is not a victim-less crime; know that your efforts can make a positive impact. If you are able to help someone deal with bullying, you will have done a wonderful act of kindness for a friend, acquaintance, or stranger.
  • Principal Ross, I need to speak with you. My friend is being bullied, but he doesn't want you to know.
  • Let the person who has been bullied speak.
  • Tell the person who has been bullied that it's not their fault, and they did not do anything to bring on this behavior.
  • Get and give advice, talk about ways to proceed, what steps you should take, and be sensible.
  • Inform the school, or in extreme cases, call the police.
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