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Silas Marner Character Evolution

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Silas Marner Character Evolution
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Óratervek: Rebecca Ray

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Storyboard Leírás

Silas Marner Character Evolution. Track the character development of Silas Marner.

Storyboard Szöveg

  • Silas' friend, faith, fiancé
  • Silas is betrayed by a friend.
  • Silas finds Eppie.
  • Eppie's real father comes for her.
  • Silas overcomes his past.
  • In the introduction to the novel, Silas is described as weird and unfriendly. A flashback reveals that he once had everything - faith in God, a best friend, William, a fiancé​ named Sarah, and respect from the people of Lantern Yard (his former home).
  • However, one night his best friend framed him for a robbery. Silas was banished from his town and lost his faith and his fiancé. He became a reclusive weaver and distrusted the people around him in his new home of Raveloe.
  • Then one day, he finds a child on his doorstep. This drastically changes him for the better. Paternal instincts began to show, and his cold heart is melted. Caring for a child helped him regain his faith, love, and friendship with others around him.
  • Eppie's real father comes for her, which threatens to take the only thing Silas loved away from him again. However, he lets Eppie choose, and she chooses to stay with Silas. This act restores his faith completely and he makes a final transformation.
  • In the end, Silas decides to go back to Lantern Yard to see if the truth was ever uncovered. When he gets there, the town is gone! Silas feels a sense of relief and knows that the town's disappearance was, in some way, fate​ making things right.
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