Tuck Everlasting Samenvatting

Tuck Everlasting Samenvatting
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Tuck Everlasting Door Natalie Babbitt Lesplan en Activiteiten

Tuck Everlasting door Natalie Babbitt

Lesplannen Door Lauren Ayube

De tienjarige Winnie Foster verveelt zich in haar leven. Als enig kind met zeer serieuze ouders, dagdroomt Winnie vaak over weglopen. Op een dag komt ze in het bos een jongen tegen die water drinkt uit een bron. Ze wist niet dat deze toevallige ontmoeting haar leven voor altijd zou veranderen.

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Maak een visueel plotdiagram voor Tuck Everlasting door Natalie Babbitt en markeer belangrijke momenten uit de roman.

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  • Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt
  • There has to be more out there for me.
  • It's very important that no one knows about this, Winnie.
  • Imagine if you had the chance to live forever. Would you take it?
  • It's all mine, and I am going to use Winnie to help me sell the water.
  • Winnie is a ten year old girl living in the rural town of Treegap. She is not allowed to do much of anything, and has no siblings to play with. One day, when she ventures out into the woods, she meets a family who say that they will live forever. Winnie’s life changes in wonderful ways when the Tuck family becomes a part of it.
  • Miles came up with a plan to get ma out of jail.
  • Winnie meets Jesse in the woods and he doesn’t allow her to drink water from the spring. He tells her that it makes people live forever. Jesse’s family takes Winnie to their home and tell her how important it is that no one finds out about the spring.
  • Good girl, Winnie.
  • The man in the yellow suit purchases the woods from Winnie’s family, follows them to the Tuck’s house, and says that he is going to sell the water to make a fortune. Mae hits him on the head with the end of a shotgun and he dies.
  • Mae is arrested and will be hanged as a punishment for killing a man. The family knows that she will not die and their secret would be discovered, so they make a plan to sneak her out of her jail cell. Winnie offers to help.
  • I know how I can help!
  •  The plan works and the Tuck family runs away. Many years later, Angus and Mae return to Treegap and find Winnie’s grave. She lived a long life and became a wife and a mother. Angus is happy to see that she chose life and death instead of immortality.
  • In Loving MemoryWinifred Foster JacksonDear WifeDear Mother1870-1948
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