Fakty o Judaizmie

Fakty o Judaizmie
Ten zestaw zdarzeń można znaleźć w następujących artykułach i zasobach:
Biała gwiazda Dawida na niebieskim tle. Wokół niego znajdują się symbole wiary żydowskiej, takie jak zwój, menora i drejdel.

Czym Jest Judaizm?

Liane Hicks

Judaizm jest jedną z najstarszych nieprzerwanie praktykowanych religii na świecie, która rozpoczęła się około 4000 lat temu. Dziś judaizm jest praktykowany przez około 15 milionów ludzi na całym świecie. Ta starożytna religia jako pierwsza była monoteistyczna (wierząca w jednego Boga) i jest źródłem dwóch największych dzisiejszych religii, chrześcijaństwa i islamu.


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Zilustruj ważne fakty i tradycje judaizmu, takie jak przywódcy, historia, symbole i nie tylko.

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  • 14.7 Million People practice Judaism Worldwide!
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Mt. Sinai
  • Ur
  • ~2000 BCE
  • There are 14.7 million people of Jewish heritage worldwide. About 6.1 million live in Israel and 5.7 million live in the U.S. About 44% of the Jewish population lives in North America, 41% in the Middle East and North Africa, 10% in Europe, and 3% in the Latin America-Caribbean region.
  • About 6.1 million in Israel, 5.7 million in the U.S. and throughout the rest of the world!
  • Abraham lived in the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur when he received a revelation from God to go to the land of Canaan. Now called Israel, this is considered the ancestral home of the Jewish people. Jerusalem is the holiest city. The Israelites were enslaved in Egypt but were led to freedom by Moses who received the Ten Commandments on from God Mount Sinai.
  • Judaism is approximately 4000 years old and began about 2000 BCE in the Middle East.
  • A rabbi is a Jewish religious leader who is a trained scholar and interpreter of Jewish law. A rabbi can be a man or a woman. Rabbis lead prayer services, conduct circumcision ceremonies called a Bris, Bar and Bat Mitzvah coming of age ceremonies, weddings, funerals, and other important rites.
  • Monotheism: There is only one God who is all powerful, all knowing and transcendentThe Covenant: a sacred agreement between God and His children that if they follow and obey Him (by following the Ten Commandments), they will receive His blessings.God wants people to do what is right, just and compassionate therefore justice, peace, charity, and kindness to others are all basic tenets of Judaism.
  • The origins of Judaism can be traced to Abraham, who received the first Covenant from God, to his son Isaac and Isaac's descendants. Moses is also considered an important prophet who freed the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt and received the Ten Commandments and the Torah from God on Mount Sinai. Other important people include the first Kings of Israel, Saul, David, and Solomon
  • Synagogues are Jewish houses of worship. They the places of prayer, education, and community centers. In the U.S., synagogues are often called temples. Synagogues contain an ark like the Ark of the Covenant where the Torah scrolls are kept. An "eternal light" burns before the ark. There are also tall menorahs, pews, and a raised platform where passages from the Torah are read.
  • The Star of David is associated with King David, who claimed the holy city of Jerusalem. The Torah and the Talmud are the most sacred texts. The menorah was used in the First and Second Temples and in synagogues. A 9 branch menorah, or hanukkiah, is used to light candles on Hanukkah. The mezuzah is a symbol of the Jewish covenant with God and hung at the entrance of Jewish households. The dreidel is a four sided top used to play a traditional game at Hanukkah.
  • The main tenets of Judaism are believing in one God who is all powerful and should be worshipped above all. God made a covenant with his people that if they follow God, the ten commandments, and do His will on earth, then they shall receive God's blessings. Judaism is also rooted in social justice, charity, and kindness towards others.
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