Bullying - How to Tell if YOU Are the Bully

Actualizat: 2/26/2019
Bullying - How to Tell if YOU Are the Bully
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School Bullying

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Planuri de Lecție de Rebecca Ray

Aici , la Storyboard That de Storyboard That, noi credem ca fiecare elev trebuie să aibă dreptul la o educație de calitate, liber de intimidare. Am constatat că, prin utilizarea storyboard pentru a crea scenarii de rol, elevii pot vedea mai bine efectele și caracteristicile agresiunii. Prin lecții interactive, puteți ajuta la schimbarea mentalităților de student de la „agresiunea este o problemă“ pentru a „agresiunii este o problemă, și eu pot face ceva despre el“.

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Storyboard Descriere

Bullying - How to Tell if YOU Are the Bully | Help students identify and stop bullying.

Storyboard Text

  • Please, don't hit me again!
  • Give it to me now, wimp!
  • You're worthless. You never do anything right around here!
  • Yeah, yeah.. RELAX.
  • Does it make you feel better when you hurt others or take things from them?
  • Do you use your size and strength to get your way or take advantage of others?
  • Have you been bullied by someone in the past and take revenge on others because of it?
  • Do you avoid thinking about people's feelings, especially when you do or say hurtful things to them?