Our Mission

The mission of Clever Prototypes is to create amazing solutions to make knowledge workers' lives better. We have worked in the corporate environment and know there are many perks, yet there are many tasks that are very tedious. By focusing on making people’s lives better via fun and creative solutions, we hope people will love our ideas as much as we love coming up with them.

Why Storyboard That

Communication is a critical part of most knowledge workers' jobs. By creating a fun tool to improve how people communicate, we strive to do the world a service and make it a better place. We truly believe that by making it easier for people to describe ideas, user flows, basic processes, and anything else they want, people will be more willing to spend the time to do it. By making the descriptions (Storyboards) so easy to consume, people will want to share them and iterate over ideas. As this increases innovation, it makes everyone happier and more productive.

About the founder

Storyboard That was founded by Aaron Sherman. He has a BS in management and an MS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). His skills have been honed with over 10 years’ experience in both technology and marketing and global experience from working and living in Boston, Barcelona, and Sydney. This allows him to bring a powerful vantage point of common problems regardless of location and an astute understanding of communication opportunities.

Awards and recognition

Within a couple of months of its inception, Storyboard That was selected as a Semi Finalist in the Mass Challenge 2012 Competition. Since then, numerous articles and blogs have been written about the ease and power of Storyboard That. See more of our press.

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