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Storyboard Creator

At the heart of Storyboard That is our incredibly powerful, yet easy to use storyboard creator.

  • Simple & Fun Interface:The storyboard creator uses a familiar drag and drop interface that users of all ages pick up in seconds. Our creator allows you to fully customize numerous aspects of your storyboard; from coloring in your own character, to adding text, we have everything you need to get the story straight!

  • Detailed Image Library:Creating a beautiful and expressive storyboard is easy with our extensive and well curated library of over 325 characters, 225 scenes, and over 45,000 images in search. If that still isn’t enough we offer another powerful tool; the ability to upload your own images!

  • Focus is on The Story: By using a storyboard like a graphic organizer it helps structure students work into a linear and concise story. Although it feels easy at first, breaking down ones thoughts into just a few cells works critical skills in prioritizing the right information and creating a good story flow.

Teacher Guides & Lesson Plans

We know teachers work incredibly hard to meet the needs of their students and we want to help. With Storyboard That we offer three kinds of teacher resources which are common core aligned to help you get the most out of Storyboard That.

  • Teacher Guides: Each of our teacher guides are in-depth, common core aligned, and highly engaging activities for an entire unit. Check out one like Greek Mythology or The Raven.

  • Articles: We have a growing list of amazing articles covering topics from ELA Shakespearian Plays to Special Education Social Stories and everything between. Each in-depth article showcases different uses for Storyboards in your classroom.

  • Curated Storyboards: We have an extensive collection of example storyboards for famous literary works and other education topics. See the whole list or check out an example like the Scarlet Letter for inspiration.
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Available as an App

We have partnered with the world’s best learning platforms like Edmodo and RM Unify (UK). If you use these sites please install them from your app stores for a truly integrated experience!

and more...

IPAD Friendly

Storyboard That is a HTML 5 website and works flawlessly on any device without the need to install an app. Simply go to the Storyboard That website on your tablet and begin creating your storyboard.

Privacy & Security

We value you and your student’s privacy. With teacher accounts we allow you to control what can and can’t be shared and we never ask for your students’ personal information.

Powerful Export

More fun than creating storyboards is sharing them with others. With Storyboard That’s extensive options you can download an image pack, an animated PowerPoint presentation (works with Keynote), or make a copy.

Easy to get Started

We provide you all the tools, wizards, and widgets you need to get started in the classroom. From adding students, viewing reports, and seeing all your students’ storyboards we aim for a smooth and uncomplicated start up experience.

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  • I have tried other digital storyboard websites, but StoryboardThat is definitely the best one out there. It is very user-friendly, and I love that you can customize the characters as well as upload your own images. ... My students are able to demonstrate their knowledge of a concept while having fun at the same time. - K. Gower, Financial Literacy Teacher

  • I tried this with my first class of 3rd graders today. They were creating fractured fairy tales. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! The kids picked it up extremely quickly and they absolutely loved it! - Rebecca B. (Librarian)

  • Makes learning fun ... Great supplemental activities for lessons ... Love the PowerPoint Export .. - R Ray, English Teacher

Classroom Pricing

Max Students Monthly Quarterly Yearly
50 $9.95 $19.95 $59.95
100 $10.95 $21.95 $65.95
150 $11.95 $23.95 $69.95
200 $12.95 $25.95 $75.95
200+ Contact Us (
Our pricing is the total cost for the teacher, not per student. Example: A teacher with up to 50 students is just $9.95 per month.

Additional Teachers

Each additional teacher added onto an account is $50 per year or $10 per month. For more than 5 teachers it is typically cheaper to purchase a site/school license.

Site / School License

We offer Storyboard That at the School or District level for just 95 cents a user per year, with a minimum order of $200. Please email us at to schedule a conversation or webinar. We are able to directly integrate with Edmodo and RM Unify, or import your school list for you.

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