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Bring the world’s best storyboard creator into your classroom!

Digital Storytelling in Your Classroom

From first grade to graduation Storyboard That has engaging class activities for your classroom.

Literary  characters

English (ELA) Class

Assess and reinforce student comprehension of literature with storyboards!

  • Diagram Narrative Structures
  • Study Literary Elements
  • Visualize Symbolism

Check out a few of our favorite teacher guides ELA like Of Mice and Men, Romeo and Juliet or The Raven.

Literary  characters

Elementary School

Break down lessons and keep the kids engaged while they learn with storyboards!

  • Teach Cyber Safety
  • Create Story Sequences
  • Reinforce Vocabulary & Spelling

Check out a few of our favorite teacher guides like School Bullying Maniac Magee or Bud, Not Buddy

Recreate History

History Class

Create visuals to describe key moments in time with storyboards!

  • Recreate History
  • Explain Cause & Effect
  • Build Timelines

Check out a few of our favorite teacher guides like US History

Practice a foreign language

Language Class

Practice a foreign language by combining speech, imagery, and writing together for fun activities with storyboards!

  • Practice Dialogue
  • Conjugate Verbs
  • Utilize Weekly Vocabulary

Check out a few of our favorite teacher guides like Teaching Spanish

Do Even More

More Subjects and Classes

The possibilities for using storyboards in your classroom are endless!

  • Explain the scientific method
  • Create a public a service announcement about recycling
  • Set Life goals
  • Create Social Stories or PECS boards

World's Best Storyboard Creator

Featuring an intuitive drag and drop interface and an image rich library Storyboard That makes it easy to create storyboards that your students will be proud of!

Foster Presentation Skills and Inspire Creativity

Every day teachers tell us they want their students to feel more comfortable presenting inside their classroom.

Present, share and collaborate on your Storyboards

Every part of the storyboarding process from brainstorming, creation and presentation is meant to be shared with others.

  • Presentations - One click slide shows, or download to PowerPoint
  • App Smashing - Download high resolution images and upload to other web 2.0 Apps
  • Graphic Organizers - Print out a storyboard and write on it throughout a unit

More Than Just a Storyboard Creator

Classroom Features

During your two week free trial you and your students will have full access to all the classroom features.

  • Unlimited Storyboards with up to 100 cells
  • Personal Teacher Dashboard
  • Support for Google Sign On

Safe, Secure, and Private

We take your and your students privacy very seriously.

  • We don't ask for students email addresses
  • By default all storyboards are private and encrypted
  • Everything is secure in your own private classroom

iPad & Android Friendly

As an HTML 5 website Storyboard That can be accessed on a computer or tablet device.

  • Login from either a computer or a tablet
  • Storyboard Creator automatically adapts to your device
  • No Flash required

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