Espanjan preteriti: verbejä kanssa "y" ja "I"
Päivitetty: 4/29/2017
Espanjan preteriti: verbejä kanssa "y" ja "I"
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Espanjan Preteriti Intensiivinen

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There is much for students to learn, memorize, and practice when it comes to the preterite tense. It is typically helpful for students to think of preterite verbs in distinct categories and then to learn and apply the rules for that category. Below are the various categories (new stems and verbs with “y” and “í” are not complete lists, only some of the most common). The new stems category on its own is fairly complex, and thus in that storyboard template you will find more details on how it works.

Espanjan Preteriti

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Imperfektiä Spanish Spanish preteriti: verbejä kanssa "y" ja "I"

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  • ELLA
  • CAER
  • ÖIR
  • La Manzana le Cayo Isaac Newton en la Cabeza.
  • Cayo
  • Magdalena leyó en el Banco por horas.
  • leyó
  • El Faraón creyó en muchos Dioses.
  • creyó
  • Dormida en el metro y escuchando música, la chica ei Oyo nada.
  • Oyo
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