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Wolf Hollow Juonen Yhteenveto

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Wolf Hollow Juonen Yhteenveto
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Wolf Hollow Yhteenveto | Lauren Wolkin Wolf Hollow

Lauren Wolkin Wolf Hollow

Kirjailija: Liane Hicks

Wolf Hollow on noin 12-vuotias Annabelle McBride, kun hän kasvaa ensimmäisen maailmansodan varjossa ja keskellä toista maailmansotaa. Se tapahtuu pienessä maalaiskaupungissa Länsi-Pennsylvaniassa nimeltä Wolf Hollow. Tarina alkaa: "Sinä vuonna kun täytin kaksitoista, opin valehtelemaan."

Wolf Hollow

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  • MissingBetty Glengarry
  • Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk
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  • Wolf Hollow is the story of 12-year-old Annabelle McBride growing up in the midst of World War II in a small rural town in western Pennsylvania called Wolf Hollow. The story begins: "The year I turned twelve, I learned how to lie."
  • It must be Toby!
  • Annabelle lives with her parents, grandparents, little brothers, and Aunt Lily on their family farm. Betty is a pretty blonde girl who lives with her grandparents, the kind Glengarry's, but Annabelle quickly finds out that Betty is a cruel bully. Annabelle keeps Betty's bullying a secret.
  • Toby fought in World War I and lives a life of solitude, suffering from PTSD. He is quiet but kind, and Annabelle's family looks out for him. One day, Betty is terrorizing Annabelle and Toby steps in. From then on, Betty sees Toby as her enemy. Annabelle's friend Ruth is horribly injured by a thrown rock. Annabelle knows it was Betty, but Betty blames Toby and the town believes her!
  • Annabelle confesses that Betty has been bullying her and tries to clear Toby's name. Then Betty goes missing! The town believes Toby has harmed young Ruth and kidnapped Betty. A posse forms to search for Betty. Annabelle has the idea that Toby should join the posse in disguise. She helps him cut his long hair and shaves his scraggly beard so he looks unrecognizable.
  • Toby finds Betty in a well and rescues her. She is badly hurt but continues to blame Toby for Ruth's injury. She also claims that Toby pushed her in the well. Betty succumbs to her injuries and after her death, there is a manhunt for Toby. Annabelle tries to convince Toby to stay hidden in her barn but he says the he is tired of hiding and ventures out alone.
  • While on the run, Toby is killed by law enforcement. Annabelle is devastated. She gets Betty's friend Andy to prove Toby was innocent and that Betty was behind it all. But Toby's absolution is too late. They hold a funeral and discover Toby earned the Purple Heart for his valiant service in the war.
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