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We also support Clever, ClassLink, Canvas, and Schoology.

Import Rosters from Google Classroom

If your school uses Google Classroom, awesome! You and your students can log in using Google Classroom, making it easy to connect with Storyboard That. There's no need to worry about remembering new login information. We'll help you get started!

What You Will Need

  • A Storyboard That Teacher account with an active subscription or a free trial
  • Your classes and students imported and set up in Google Classroom

This process will import classes and students from your Google Classroom roster into your teacher account, creating corresponding classes and student accounts in Storyboard That.

  1. Go to Storyboard That login page:
  2. Click the Google SSO button
  3. Follow the prompts to log into Storyboard That with Google
    • Note: If your school uses more than one Google email address, make sure you use the email address and account connected with your Google Classroom
  4. You've arrived on your Dashboard!
  5. Click the "Set Up Students" button
  6. Click the "Import Your Classes" button to import your Google Classroom roster into Storyboard That
  7. If prompted, sign into your Google Classroom account again
  8. Choose the class(es) you wish to import
  9. Click "Import Classes"
  10. Once classes have been imported, your students now have Storyboard That accounts and will log in with the Google SSO button
  11. Students can log in with Google here:

Updating Class Rosters with Google Classroom

If your roster changes and you need to add additional students or classes, you can re-roster with Google Classroom. To re-roster, you will follow the same steps outlined above, and only the new class(es) and student(s) will be imported. Existing classes and students will not be duplicated.

How Do Students Log In?

After rostering, students will log into their Storyboard That accounts with Google

  1. Go to Storyboard That login page:
  2. Click the Google SSO button
  3. Arrive on the Student Dashboard

Create Assignment

Next Steps

Once you've created classes and added students, you can start creating assignments.

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