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Unlock your students' creativity through digital storytelling! Students will be engaged and excited to create plot diagrams, timelines, posters, and more. These teacher-created lesson plans and resources contain examples and templates that you can tailor and students can use for assignments and projects. With a wide selection of scenes, layouts, and versatile characters, the Storyboard Creator makes it easy for students to express their understanding.

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Featured Resources

A silver cross rests against a purple background
Elements and the Periodic Table
Periodic Table Lesson Plans
Introduction to Geometry
Introduction to Geometry
A white star of David is against a blue background. There are symbols of the Jewish faith like a scroll, menorah, and dreidel around it.
Novel Study
Novel Study Activities | Reading Activities
Social Stories
Social Stories in the Classroom
Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky
Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky Activities
Underground to Canada
Underground to Canada Summary & Activities
Winter Holiday Classroom Activities
Winter Holidays Example

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Picture Encyclopedias

These guides are a great way to introduce students to different mythological figures, famous people, genres of literature, innovations, and more! They can serve as a starting point for a biography, research project, or introduction to a lesson. Click on one of the links below to view the available topics!

Astronomy Terms
Astronomy - Constellation
English Phrasal Verbs
Look After - English Phrasal Verbs
Innovations - Aqueduct
Literary Terms
Character vs Nature Literary Conflict
Anuket from Egyptian Mythology
SBT Biographies
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
SBT Literary Genres
Literary Genres - Narrative Poetry
Shakespeare Plays
A Midsummer's Night Dream - Shakespeare Plays

Other Resources

Looking for more fun ideas and resources on using Storyboard That in the classroom? From appsmashing to worksheet creation, these articles will help inspire you!

App Smashing with Storyboard That
App Smashing with Storyboard That
Back to School with Storyboard That
Introduction to Social Stories
Create on SBT, Sell on TpT
TPT Cover Images
Critical Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking Skills for Students
Get to Know Storyboard That
A classroom of students sit at desks with their laptops open. Their teacher has Storyboard That projected on the whiteboard.
Homeschool Activities with Storyboard That
Homeschooling with Storyboard That
Storyboard That Newsletter
Storyboard That Monthly Newsletter

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