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Literature Resources on Storyboard That

Storyboard That has hundreds of lessons and activities related to popular novels, short stories, poems and literature of all genres! Teachers can use the pre-created lesson plans as is for quick and easy prep! The lesson plans are also completely customizable so teachers can tailor them to suit the needs of their students.

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13 Clocks, The
13 Clocks Lesson plans
1984 Lesson Plans
A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
A Single Shard
A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park Activities
A Tale of Two Cities
A Tale of Two Cities Lesson Plans
A Thousand Splendid Suns
A Thousand Splendid Suns Lesson Plans
A Wrinkle in Time
A Wrinkle in Time Lesson Plans
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Lesson Plans
Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Lesson Plans
Al Capone Does My Shirts
Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland Activities
All American Boys
All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely
All Summer in a Day
All Summer in a Day Lesson Plans
Amal Unbound
A pakistani girl holds an orange book and a pomegranate. She wears a purple hijab, and purple and pink clothing. Behind her is a park.
Amigo Brothers
Amigo Brothers Activities
Amina's Voice
Amina wears a purple dress. She has brown hair and skin. She stands on a stage singing to an audience.
Amos and Boris
Amos Boris Lesson Plans
Anansi the Spider
Anansi the Spider: a Tale from the Ashanti by Gerald McDermott
Animal Farm
Animal Farm by George Orwell
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
Diary of Anne Frank Lesson Plans
Anne of Green Gables
Three characters from Anne of Green Gables stand in front of a white house with green shutters. Anne wears a hat and holds a bag. Matthew and Marilla stand on either side of her.
Antigone Lesson Plans
Autumn Gardening
Autumn Gardening Lesson Plans
Because I Could Not Stop for Death
Because I Could Not Stop For Death Summary & Activities
Because of Mr. Terupt
Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea
Because of Winn-Dixie
Because of Winn Dixie Lesson Plans
Bells, The
The Bells Poem by Edgar Allen Poe
Beowulf Lesson Plans
Beyond the Bright Sea
Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk Activities
Birchbark House, The
The Birchbark House Lesson Plans
Bird Came Down the Walk, A
A Bird Came Down the Walk Lesson Plans
Birthmark, The
The Birthmark short story Lesson Plans
Black Cat, The
Black Cat Lesson Plans
Black Stallion, The
Black Stallion Lesson Plans
Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird
Blues Ain't No Mockingbird Lesson Plans
Book Thief, The
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Activities
Boy on the Wooden Box, The
The Boy on the Wooden Box by Leon Leyson
Breadwinner, The
The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis | The Breadwinner Summary
Bridge to Terabithia
Bridge to Terabithia Lesson Plans
Brown Girl Dreaming
Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson
Bud, Not Buddy
Bud, Not Buddy Lesson Plans
Caged Bird
Caged Bird by Maya Angelou
Calico Girl
Calico Girl by Jerdine Nolen
Candide Lesson Plans
Canterbury Tales, The
Canterbury Tales Lesson Plans
Casey at the Bat
Casey at the Bat Poem Activities
Cask of Amontillado, The
The Cask of Amontillado Lesson Plans
Catcher in the Rye, The
The Catcher in the Rye Lesson Plans
Catherine, Called Birdy
Catherine, Called Birdy Lesson Plans
Cay, The
The Cay Lesson Plans
Chains Lesson Plans
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Lesson Plans
Charlotte's Web
Charlottes Web Lesson Plans
Christmas Carol, A
A Christmas Carol Lesson Plans
An Asian girl with dark hair stands in a mechanics shop, hands on her hips. She winks. There is a small body robot beside her.
Cinderella Lesson Plans
Color Purple, The
The Color Purple Lesson Plans
Common Sense
Common Sense Monarchs
Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket
Contens of the Dead Man's Pocket Lesson Plans
Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa
Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa Lesson Plans
Cricket in Times Square, The
Cricket in Times Square Lesson Plans
Crossover, The
The Crossover by Kwame Alexander
Crucible, The
The Crucible Summary & Lesson Plans
Dante's Inferno
Dante's Inferno Lesson Plans
Death of a Salesman
Death of a Salesman Lesson Plan
Devil and Tom Walker, The
The Devil and Tom Walker Lesson Plans
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Lesson Plans
Divergent Lesson Plans
Don Quixote
Don Quixote Lesson Plans
A propellor plane rests on a green hill. Five characters of Chinese heritage look at it happily. This is from Dragonwings by Laurence Yep
Dreams and Harlem (A Dream Deferred)
Dreams by Langston Hughes Lesson Plans
Echo Summary & Activities
Elijah of Buxton
Elijah of Buxton
Ella Enchanted
Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine
Esperanza Rising
Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan
Fahrenheit 451
Fahrenheit 451 Lesson Plans
Fall of the House of Usher, The
The House of Usher Lesson Plans
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Fantastic Mr. Fox Lesson Plan
Fault in Our Stars, The
The Fault in Our Stars Lesson Plans
Fire Cat, The
The Fire Cat Lesson Plans
First They Came
"First They Came" by Martin Niemoller
Fish in a Tree
Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt Lesson Plan
Five People You Meet in Heaven, The
Five People You Meet in Heaven Lesson Plans
Flowers for Algernon
Flowers for Algernon Lesson Plans
Frankenstein Lesson Plans
Freak the Mighty
Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick Activities
Freckle Juice
Freckle Juice by Judy Blume
Frindle Lesson Plans
Frog Prince, The
A princess kneels at the edge of a pond, holding a golden ball. A frog jumps out of the water.
From the Desk of Zoe Washington
From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler Lesson Plans
Full Cicada Moon
Full Cicada Moon by Marilyn Hilton
General History of Virginia, The
John Smith and the General History of Virginia
Ghost by Jason Reynolds
Ghost of the Lagoon
Ghost of the Lagoon Lesson Plans
Gift of the Magi, The
Gift of the Magi Lesson Plans
Girl Who Drank The Moon, The
The Girl Who Drank the Moon by by Kelly Barnhill
Giver, The
The Giver Activities
Glass Menagerie, The
The Glass Menagerie Lesson Plans
Glory Be
Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood
Good Pet, Bad Pet
Good Pet, Bad Pet Lesson Plans
Grapes of Wrath
Grapes of Wrath Lesson Plans
Graveyard Book, The
Graveyard Book Lesson Plans
Great Expectations
Great Expectations Lesson Plans
Great Gatsby, The
Great Gatsby Lesson Plans
Greek Mythology
Zeus from Greek Mythology | Greek Gods and Goddesses
Greek Mythology: Explanation Stories
Persephone Myth Activites
Greek Mythology: Jason and the Argonauts
Jason and Argonauts Lesson Plan
Greek Mythology: The 12 Labors of Hercules
Hercules Myth Lesson Plan
Greek Mythology: The Creation of the World
Greek Creation Myths Activities
Greek Mythology: Theseus
Theseus and the Minotaur Summary & Activities
Handmaid's Tale, The
Handmaids Tale Lesson Plans
Harrison Bergeron
Harrison Bergeron Lesson Plans
Hatchet Lesson Plans
Henry and Mudge: The First Book
Henry and Mudge Lesson Plans
Hills Like White Elephants
Hills Like White Elephants
Holes by Louis Sachar Lesson Plans
House on Mango Street, The
The House on Mango Street
How the Camel Got His Hump
How the Camel Got His Hump by Rudyard Kipling
Hunger Games, The
Hunger Games Plot Example
I Have a Dream
MLK's I Have a Dream Speech
Icarus and Daedalus
Icarus Flies too Close to the Sun
If by Rudyard Kipling
If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth...
If I Forget Thee, O Earth Lesson Plans
Inherit the Wind
Inherit the Wind Lesson Plans
Inside Out and Back Again
Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai Activities
Interlopers, The
The Interlopers Lesson Plans
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Island of Blue Dolphins Teacher Guide
The Jabberwocky Summary & Activities
Johnny Tremain
Johnny Tremain Lesson Plans
Julie of the Wolves
Julie of the Wolves Lesson Plans
Kenya’s Long Dry Season
Kenya's Long Dry Season Lesson Plans
King Arthur
King Arthur Lesson Plans
King Lear
King Lear Play Lesson Plans
King Midas' Golden Touch
King Midas Summary & Activities
Kira Kira by Cynthia Kadohata Activities
Kite Runner, The
The Kite Runner Lesson Plans
Lady or the Tiger, The
The Lady or the Tiger Lesson Plans
Last Cherry Blossom, The
Yuriko from The Last Cherry Blossom sits beneath a cherry tree. Its blooms are pink.
Latin Deli An Ars Poetica, The
The Latin Deli: An Ars Poetica Lesson Plans
Le Petit Prince
The Little Prince Lesson Plan & Activities
Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The
Legend of Sleepy Hollow Lesson Plans
Letter from Birmingham Jail
Letter from a Birmingham Jail Lesson Plans
Lighthouse Family: The Storm, The
The Lighthouse Family Lesson Plans
Lightning Thief, The
Hero's Journey Example
Lily's Crossing
Lily's Crossing by Patricia Reilly Giff
Lions of Little Rock, The
The Lions of Little Rock by Kristin Levine
Little Prince, The
The Little Prince Lesson Plans
Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Lesson plans
Long Walk to Water, A
A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park
Long Way Down
Long Way Down Summary & Activities
Lord of the Flies
Lord of the Flies Lesson Plans
Lottery, The
The Lottery by Shirley Jackson
Luckiest Time of All, The
Luckiest Time of All Lesson Plans
Mango-Shaped Space, A
A brown haired girl stands in front of a silhouetted cat and a blurred rainbow. She smiles with her hands on her hips. This is Mia from A Mango Shaped Space.
Maniac Magee
Maniac Mcgee Lesson Plans
Masque of the Red Death, The
Masque of the Red Death Lesson Plans
Matilda Lesson Plans
Medieval Feast, A
A Medieval Feast Lesson Plans
Midnight Without a Moon
Midnight Without a Moon Linda Williams Jackson
Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli
Minister's Black Veil, The
The Minister's Black Veil Lesson Plans
Miracle Worker, The
The Miracle Worker by William Gibson
Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, The
A little girl reads a story to a white china doll rabbit. They sit on fancy chairs in front of a fire.
Monkey's Paw, The
The Monkey's Paw Lesson Plans
Monsters Are Due on Maple Street, The
The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
Moon is Down, The
The Moon is Down Lesson Plans
Moon Over Manifest
Moon Over Manifest Lesson Plans
Most Dangerous Game, The
The Most Dangerous Game Lesson Plans
Mother to Son
From Mother to Son Poem Activities
Mouse and the Motorcycle, The
Mouse and the Motorcycle Lesson Plans
Mr. Popper's Penguins
Mr. Popper's Penguins Lesson Plans
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe Activities
My Father's Dragon
Fathers Dragon Lesson Plans
My Librarian is a Camel
My Librarian is a Camel Lesson Plans
My Side of the Mountain
My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Activities
Necklace, The
The Necklace Lesson Plans
New Kid
New Kid by Jerry Craft Activities
Night by Elie Wiesel
Night Diary, The
The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani
Night Divided, A
A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen
Novel Study
Novel Study Activities | Reading Activities
Number the Stars
Number the Stars Lesson Plans
O Captain! My Captain!
O Captain My Captain Summary & Lesson Plan
Ode on a Grecian Urn
Ode to a Grecian Urn Lesson Plan
Odyssey, The
Odyssey Lesson Plans
Oedipus the King / Oedipus Rex
Oedipus Lesson Plans
Of Mice and Men
Of Mice and Men Activities
Of Plymouth Plantation
Of Plymouth Plantation Lesson Plans
On Being Brought from Africa to America
On Being Brought to America from Africa Analysis Activities
Once by Morris Gleitzman
Once and Future King, The
Once and Future King Lesson Plans
One and Only Ivan, The
The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate
One Crazy Summer
One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia
One-Eyed Giant, The
One Eyed Giant Lesson Plans
Other Words for Home
Other Words for Home by Jessica Warga
Out of My Mind
Out of My Mind Lesson Plans
Outsiders, The
The Outsiders Lesson Plans
Ozymandias Poem Summary & Activities
Pattan’s Pumpkin
A man is inside of a giant pumpkin. There are animals like a llama, elephant, and bison helping carry pieces of pumpkin away.
Paul Revere's Ride
Paul Revere's Ride Lesson Plans
Pearl, The
The Pearl Lesson Plans
Phantom Tollbooth, The
Phantom Tollbooth Lesson Plans
Pit and the Pendulum, The
The Pit and the Pendulum Lesson Plans
Poet X, The
The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo Summary & Activities
Poison Tree, A
The Poison Tree Lesson Plans
Poppleton in Winter
Poppleton in Winter Lesson Plans
Prince and the Pauper, The
The Prince and the Pauper Lesson Plans
Purloined Letter, The
The Purloined Letter Lesson Plans
Raft, The
The Raft Lesson Plans
Raisin in the Sun, A
A Raisin in the Sun Lesson Plans
Raven, The
The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
Red Badge of Courage, The
Red Badge of Courage Lesson Plans
Red Bandanna, The
The Red Bandanna by Tom Rinaldi Activities
Red Kayak
Red Kayak Lesson Plans
Four families from the novel Refugee by Alan Gratz stand in quadrants in front of a yellow background.
Return to Sender
Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez
Rikki Tikki Tavi Lesson Plans
Road Not Taken, The
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Lesson Plans
Romulus and Remus
Romulus and Remus Legend
Rules by Cynthia Lord Activities
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Elizabeth Coerr
Sarah, Plain and Tall
Sarah Plain Tall Lesson Plans
Scarlet Ibis, The
Scarlet Ibis Lesson Plans
Scarlet Letter, The
Scarlet Letter Plot
Sea Fever
Sea Fever Visualization & Activities
Secret Garden, The
The Secret Garden Lesson Plans
Seeing Eye to Eye
Seeing Eye to Eye Lesson Plans
Separate Peace, A
A Separate Peace Lesson Plans
Seventh Grade
Seventh Grade Summary & Lesson Plans
Shiloh Lesson Plans
Shooting an Elephant
Shooting an Elephant Lesson Plans
Sign Painter, The
The Sign Painter Lesson Plans
Silas Marner
Silas Marner Lesson Plans
So You Want to Be President?
White House
Social Emotional Learning Read Alouds
Social Emotional Learning Read Aloud activities
Sonnet 73
Sonnet 73 Lesson Plans
A Black man in suspenders looks down at a brown dog. They are in a foggy forest.
Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You
Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi
Stars Beneath Our Feet, The
The Stars Beneath Our Feet by David Barclay Moore
Still I Rise
Still I Rise by Maya Angelou
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Lesson Plan
Stories Julian Tells, The
The Stories Julian Tells Lesson Plans
Story of an Hour, The
Story of an Hour Lesson Plans
Story of Ruby Bridges, The
The Story of Ruby Bridges Lesson Plans
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The
Jekyll and Hyde Lesson Plans
Stuart Little
Stuart Little Lesson Plans
Sunflower, The
The Sunflower Lesson Plans
Sylvia & Aki
A Japanese American girl and a Mexican American girl hold dolls that look like them. They stand in a farmhouse bedroom.
Tale of Despereaux, The
Despereaux Lesson Plans
Tell-Tale Heart, The
The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
Tempest, The
Tempest Lesson Plans
Their Eyes Were Watching God
Their Eyes Were Watching God Lesson Plans
Things They Carried, The
The Things They Carried Lesson Plans
Third Wish, The
The Third Wish Lesson Plans
Thirteen Reasons Why
13 Reasons Why Lesson Plans
Those Winter Sundays
Those Winter Sundays Summary & Activities
Three Times Lucky
Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage
Tiger Rising, The
The Tiger Rising Summary & Activities
To Kill a Mockingbird
To Kill a Mockingbird Lesson Plans
Tops and Bottoms
Tops and Bottoms Teacher Guide
Towers Falling
Towers Falling by Jewell Parker Rhodes
Toys! Amazing Stories Behind Great Inventions
Toys! Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions
Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, The
Hamlet Summary and Lesson Plans
Tragedy of Julius Caesar, The
Julius Caesar Summary & Lesson Plans
Tragedy of Macbeth, The
Macbeth Play Lesson Plans
Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, The
Othello Lesson Plans
Tragedy of Richard III, The
Richard III Lesson Plans
Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet Activities
Treasure of Lemon Brown, The
Treasure of Lemon Brown Lesson Plans
Treasure, The
The Treasure Lesson Plans
Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky
Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky Activities
Tuck Everlasting
Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt Lesson Plan and Activities
Tuesdays with Morrie
Tuesdays with Morrie Lesson Plans
Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night - Shakespeare Plays
Tyger, The
The Tyger Activities & Lesson Plan
Underground Railroad
Underground Railroad
Underground to Canada
Underground to Canada Summary & Activities
Unsinkable Wreck of the R.M.S. Titanic, The
The Unsinkable Wreck of the RMS Titanic Lesson Plans
Volcanoes Lesson Plans
Walk Two Moons
Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech Lesson Plan
War That Saved My Life, The
The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963, The
The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963 Lesson Plans
We Are the Ship
We are the Ship: The Story of the Negro League Baseball
Wedding Dance, The
The Wedding Dance Activities
Wednesday Wars, The
Wednesday Wars Lesson Plans
Welcome to Nowhere
Welcome to Nowhere
Westing Game, The
The Westing Game Lesson Plans
When You Trap a Tiger
A little girl looks in shock at a tiger that stands in front of her.
Where Do Polar Bears Live?
Where do Polar Bears Live? Lesson Plans
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Lesson Plans
Where the Red Fern Grows
Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls
White Bird
White Bird by R.J. Palacio
Wild Robot, The
The Wild Robot by Peter Brown Activities
Wish Giver, The
The Wish Giver by Bill Brittain Activities
Witch of Blackbird Pond, The
Witch of Blackbird Pond Lesson Plans
Wolf Hollow
Wolf Hollow Summary | Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk
Women by Alice Walker Lesson Plan
Wonder Lesson Plans
Wringer by Jerry Spinelli Summary & Activities
Yellow Wall-paper, The
The Yellow Wallpaper Lesson Plans
Young Goodman Brown
Young Goodman Brown Lesson Plans
Your World
Your World Lesson Plans
Zlateh the Goat
Zlateh the Goat Lesson Plans

Novel Study

If you're looking for an engaging and interactive way to get students excited about novel study, Storyboard That’s Literature Library has a great array of activities! The Novel Study Storyboard Activities are a great way to bring literature to life with visuals. Students can create a storyboard highlighting the novel's key elements, including characters, settings, themes, and more. Teachers can also customize the activity to meet their individual classroom needs.

Literature Guides

Storyboard That’s Literature Library contains detailed literature guides for a variety of novels, short stories, and poems. Each study guide includes an overview to provide background information on the author and his/her work. The guide also provides discussion questions and essay prompts to help engage students in deeper thinking about the text.

Storyboard Templates

In addition to the pre-created literature activities, Storyboard That’s Literature Library provides a selection of storyboard templates for teachers and students to use as a starting point in creating their own literature-based activities. The templates are tailored to fit different types of genres and can be used for different mediums (novels, plays, myths, etc.). Moreover, everything is customizable, so teachers can easily tailor them to their individual needs.

Additional Resources

Storyboard That’s Literature Library includes a variety of additional resources to further enhance literature activities. Teachers can find reading comprehension quizzes on popular novels, poetry analysis worksheets, lesson plans for writing literary essays, and other activities to explore the subject in the classroom. The resources are all free and can be easily incorporated into any lesson plan.

Literature Circles

Literature circles are an engaging way to get students to discuss and analyze the topic of the lesson. Teachers can find discussion templates tailored to a variety of novels and short stories. The templates provide prompts for students to explore plot points, characters, themes, and other elements of the story in a fun, interactive way. With the help of Storyboard That’s Literature Library, teachers can easily set up successful literature circles in the classroom.

Valuable Resource

Storyboard That’s Literature Library is a valuable resource for teachers looking to use literature in the classroom. With a variety of pre-reading activities, lesson plans, and resources, the Literature Library is a great way to engage students in reading. From novel studies and literature circles to storyboard templates and additional resources, Storyboard That’s Literature Library offers something for everyone!

Graphic Organizers

Our library includes a variety of graphic organizers to help students process reading material. The graphic organizers provide visual representations of plot development, character analysis, and more. They are an excellent way to engage visual learners in literature activities and help them understand the text better. However, the service can also be used for various other subjects, like social studies.

Literary Devices

Activities to help students understand and identify literary devices in texts are included in many of our available resources, too. The activities provide examples of different literary devices, such as personification and alliteration, with storyboards that illustrate each device's use in various works. The activities are an engaging way to help students better understand literature and its effects and develop their writing skills.

Teacher Guides

We have a comprehensive library of teacher guides to help educators create their own class activities. The guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to use Storyboard That’s tools and templates to create engaging material and improve the flow of each lesson. The guides also include tips on how to customize activities for different grade levels or types of texts. With the help of these guides, teachers can easily create custom literature activities for any classroom.

Why Teachers Love Our Guides

There are many reasons why educators enjoy using our teacher guides. First of all, they save so much time in lesson planning. We all know that planning everything is a massive part of being a teacher, and it can sometimes feel like all you ever do is plan lessons. With our teacher guides, everything is done for you (activities included), so teachers can spend less time preparing and more time teaching.

Second, the guides provide detailed instructions that make it easy for anyone to create engaging activities. With step-by-step instructions, teachers don’t have to worry about making mistakes or missing something important. The guides also offer tips and best practices that help teachers create activities that are more effective for their students.

Finally, the teacher guides allow you to customize activities for the classrooms. They provide information on how to adapt activities for different grade levels and types of texts, so you can create activities that meet the needs of your students. With Storyboard That’s Literature Library, creating custom activities has never been easier.

Storyboard That’s Literature Library is an invaluable resource for teachers looking to use literature in the classroom. With a variety of activities, lesson plans, and resources, the Literature Library can help teachers engage students in literature in fun, interactive ways. Everything an educator needs to create interesting literature activities for any classroom is provided in the graphic organizers, literary device activities, and teacher guides. So, if you’re a teacher in search of ways to use literature in your classroom, look no further!

Student Activities

Storyboard That’s Literature Library includes a variety of activities to help students better understand literature. From novel studies and literature circles to storyboard templates and additional resources, our library offers something for all students and all levels.

  • Novel Studies: Novel studies are an excellent way to get students engaged in the text they are reading. Our library includes numerous novel studies that provide in-depth analyses of different texts. The activities are an effective way to help students better understand the text and provide an opportunity for them to examine characters, themes, motifs, and more.
  • Literature Circles: This is a great way to get students talking about literature in meaningful ways. We offer literature circle activities that provide discussion prompts, reading strategies, and writing tasks to help students analyze the text. The activities can be used with any text, making them ideal for novel studies or use with a variety of texts.
  • Storyboard Templates: Storyboards are an amazing way to get students thinking critically about literature. We have dozens of storyboard templates to choose from, including ones specifically designed for literature. Our Literature Storyboard Templates include activities such as summarizing a text, analyzing characters and themes, and examining literary elements like irony and symbolism.
  • Additional Resources: In addition to the above-mentioned engaging activities, we also have a variety of additional resources to help teachers and students. Our library includes writing activities, project ideas, graphic organizers, and more!

Creative Activities

We offer a variety of creative activities to help students explore literature in unique and fun ways. Our library has a plethora of creative activities for students to participate in, ranging from comic strips and multimedia projects to art projects and writing activities.

  • Comic Strips: Comic strips are a great way to get students thinking critically about literature. We have comic strip templates specifically designed for literature, providing students with a fun and creative way to explore their texts.
  • Multimedia Projects: Multimedia projects are an engaging way to get students thinking about literature in new and innovative ways. We have multimedia project ideas that help students create presentations, podcasts, videos, and other forms of digital media that explore the text.
  • Art Projects: Art activities are an amazing way to get students thinking about the themes, characters, and plot of a novel. We offer art project ideas that allow students to express their understanding of the texts in original ways.
  • Writing Activities: Writing activities don’t have to be boring and tedious. Therefore, our library has a variety of writing activities that help students examine the text in meaningful ways. We have activities like character journals, story starters, and more!

English Language Arts

From vocabulary activities and grammar lessons to reading strategies and essay-writing tasks, our library has something for all levels of ELA teachers.

  • Vocabulary Activities: Vocabulary activities are an excellent way to help students build their understanding of words in the context of literature. We have a lot of fun vocabulary activities that give students a chance to learn about words and what they mean.
  • Grammar Lessons: Grammar lessons are a great way to get students thinking about how they can use language effectively in their writing. Our library includes grammar lessons that help students understand the importance of grammar, as well as exercises that provide practice.
  • Reading Strategies: Reading strategies are a great way to help students become better readers. We offer reading strategies that can be used across all texts, helping students understand how to approach and analyze literature.
  • Essay Writing Tasks: Writing essays is an important part of the ELA curriculum. Essay writing exercises are available in our library to help students improve their writing abilities and comprehension of the writing process.

Literary Terms

To aid students in understanding literary terms, our library offers a variety of resources.

  • Glossaries: We have dozens of glossaries that list and explain literary terms. Our glossaries include the definitions of vocabulary words, their examples, and visuals to help students better understand the words.
  • Quizzes & Games: Quizzes and games are a great way to get students engaged with terminology. We have a variety of quizzes and games that help students practice identifying and using literary terms.
  • Graphic Organizers: These are an effective way to visually represent the relationships between different elements of literature. Our library includes graphic organizers for exploring themes, character traits, plot structure, and more.
  • Lesson Plans: Lesson plans are a great way to help students learn literary terms. We have lesson plans that focus on teaching and reinforcing the meaning of literary terminology through activities, projects, and discussions.

How to Use Story Board That

With our library of resources, Story Board That is the perfect tool for teaching literature.

Step One: Choose a resource. We provide dozens of resources that can be used to teach literature. You can select from hundreds of different activities and aspects of different parts of the literature library.

Step Two: Create your storyboard. Once you have chosen a resource, you can use our drag-and-drop editor to create an engaging storyboard. You can add text, images, audio clips, and more.

Step Three: Share your storyboard. When your storyboard is finished, share the student's work and get to understand how much they have learned. You can even embed the storyboard into a website, share it via email, and print it out.

Why is Storyboarding Such a Good Learning Resource?

Storyboarding is an effective way to get students engaged and involved in the learning process. It lets them interact with the material, learn about different parts of literature, and practice their skills.

  • Interactive: Storyboarding is a great way to make learning interactive and appealing. Students are able to move elements around on the board, add audio and visuals, and create a narrative.
  • Multimedia: When creating their storyboards, students are able to incorporate a variety of media. This helps them explore different aspects of literature and encourages creative thinking.
  • Collaboration: The activity is also an excellent way for students to work together on a project. They can collaborate to create a storyboard, share ideas, and learn from each other.
  • Fun: This is an enjoyable way for students to engage with literature. They can express their creativity and have fun learning about literary terms, characters, themes, and more.
  • Different: Students can view literature in novel and fresh ways by using storyboarding. It encourages them to think outside of the box and explore different aspects of a text.

Why Choose Story Board That?

Story Board That has the most comprehensive storyboarding library on the market. With hundreds of activities, lesson plans, and resources to choose from, it is the perfect tool for teaching literature.

  • Comprehensive Library: Our library has many resources to help students understand literary terms, practice their skills, develop their creativity and higher-order thinking skills, and more.
  • Easy-to-Use Editor: Our drag-and-drop editor is easy to use and makes creating a storyboard quick and simple.
  • Collaborative Tool: Story Board That has tools that make it easy for students to collaborate on projects together. They can share ideas, offer feedback, and learn from each other as they work together.
  • Engaging Learning: Storyboarding encourages creativity and makes learning literature engaging and enjoyable.
  • Multiplatform: Story Board That is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, so students can access the storyboard library anytime, anywhere.

Sectors That Storyboarding Is Perfect For:

Storyboarding is perfect for a variety of different sectors. Here are a few examples:

  1. Primary & Secondary Schools: Story Board That’s library of resources is perfect for teaching literature in primary and secondary schools. The resources can be used to help students understand literary terms, practice their skills, develop their creativity, and more.
  2. College & University: Storyboarding can be used to help college and university students explore different aspects of literature. They can use the sources to practice their skills, engage in meaningful discussions, and prepare for exams.
  3. Public Libraries: Story Board That and storyboarding is great for public libraries. The resources can be used to help patrons of all ages explore different aspects of literature, get to know classic texts, and more.
  4. Museums: Museums can use Story Board That’s library of resources to engage visitors in interactive activities related to literature and culture. They can also create their own storyboards to encourage learning and exploration.
  5. Community Centers: Community centers can use Story Board That’s library of resources to engage their community in interactive activities related to literature and culture.
  6. Corporate Training: Corporate training programs can use Story Board That to engage employees in interactive activities related to literature and culture. This can help them learn and grow in their roles.
  7. Professional Development: It can be used to engage participants in interactive activities related to literature and culture, helping them learn and grow in their careers and work collaboratively on projects together.

Types of Literature Students Learn About:

Storyboarding is a great way for students to explore different aspects of literature. Here are some examples of the types of literature students can learn about with storyboarding:

  • Classic Literature - Use storyboarding to explore literary classics like Romeo and Juliet, Great Expectations, and Pride and Prejudice.
  • Fiction - Young girls and boys can learn about popular fiction stories like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, or To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • Non-Fiction - Use storyboarding to explore historical texts, biographies, and other non-fiction books.
  • Poetry - Students can explore famous poems and learn about rhyme, meter, and other poetic elements using storyboarding.
  • Mythology/Fairy Tales - Storyboarding is a great way to explore fairy tales and ancient mythology from around the world.
  • Modern Literature - Explore modern works like The Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, and more.
  • Novels - Learn about complex novels like 1984, Animal Farm, or Lord of the Flies with storyboarding activities.
  • Short Stories - Use storyboarding to explore popular short stories like The Gift of the Magi or A&P.
  • Theater - Learn about the works of Shakespeare, Ibsen, or other theater greats with storyboarding.

The Bottom Line

Storyboard That’s Literature Library is an invaluable resource for teachers looking to bring literature into their classrooms. With a variety of special offers like student packets, teacher guides, and creative activities, the library provides something for everyone, from novel studies and storyboards to graphic organizers and literary devices. Whether the class is just starting out with literature or has more experience, StoryBoard That’s Literature Library can be used to engage and challenge students in a more interactive way. Plus, the easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor makes storyboarding simple and fun. Give your students an exciting new way to explore literature by using Storyboard That’s Literature Library today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Literature Library

What is a literature library?

Storyboard That’s literature library is where you can find a full guide of all of the books that we have on our site. Our extensive library literature library has everything you need for all ages and within all genres (plus more!).

What are the different genres of literature?

While there are only three main categories of literature (poetry, drama, and prose), there are several subcategories that fall within these three. For example, in the category of prose, we will find the subcategories of fiction and nonfiction, and the even narrower categories that fall within those two!

What are literary terms?

Literary terms refer to the techniques that writers use to engage their readers. Some of these terms include foreshadowing, figurative language, and allusion.

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