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Good Pet, Bad Pet Lesson Plans

“Good Pet, Bad Pet” by Elizabeth Schleichert is an informational text about possible pets and the pros and cons of owning them. The text examines the differences between owning certain animals, including caring for them and feeding them!

The text begins by introducing the purpose of the text - to provide information about pets that will help those interested in owning one, make the best choice. Elizabeth Schleichert advises performing a number of tasks prior to making a decision: talking to others who own the pet already; reading books about the pet; talking to a veterinarian; and checking and make sure nobody in the household is allergic.

A key is provided to identify the cost of the pet in terms of both time and money. A list of pets that are included in this article are: dogs, cats, small birds, fish, rodents, rabbits, other birds, ferrets, monkeys, reptiles and amphibians, insects, and other “found” wild animals.

Student Activities for Good Pet, Bad Pet

Essential Questions for "Good Pet, Bad Pet"

  1. How does this text’s structure help readers?
  2. Is it important to inform people about pets before getting one? Why or why not?

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