Activity Overview

In this activity, students synthesize and summarize the text. Students’ work should reflect their understanding of the pros and cons of each pet, as well as the cost and time commitment. This exercise is crucial when preparing for related persuasive writing assignments.

Summarizing "Good Pet, Bad Pet" - Owning a Dog


  • best friend
  • variety of sizes/breeds
  • lives 8-16 years


  • time consuming
  • may not like kids
  • may shed and smell
  • may bark or bite


  • dogs need a lot of exercise
  • puppies need to be housebroken and trained
  • they need to be fed and groomed daily


  • purebreds are between $500 and $1000
  • accessories cost $250
  • shots cost $150-$500
  • yearly cost is $300 or more

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Good Pet, Bad Pet

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