The Interlopers Lesson Plans

When I start off reading a unit of short stories, “The Interlopers” is always my first choice to read. I particularly love teaching this story because of the inferences that can be drawn, and the connections to the conflict that arise. Although, the ending could be read as a cliffhanger, it is safe to say that there isn't a happy ending for these two characters.

Student Activities for The Interlopers

Essential Questions for “The Interlopers”

  1. How do outsiders affect your decisions?
  2. Is it alright to dislike someone because your family dislikes them?

A Quick Synopsis of “The Interlopers”

"The Interlopers" is set in the Carpathian Mountains, with two feuding men, Ulrich and Georg, searching for one another. These two adversaries are involved in a land dispute that goes back three generations, when the land was claimed by Ulrich's family. Ulrich, assuming that Georg is poaching on his land, goes out in search of him with the intent to shoot him. However, when the men come face to face, fate intervenes and a large tree falls on the men, trapping them. While trapped, they initially argue about whose men will arrive first to save their master and kill the other. However, Ulrich offers Georg some wine, and attempts to reconcile with him. After some discussion, the men reconcile and begin to yell together in unison for help. When Ulrich hears noises, he is relieved men are running to help them. However, the story ends with Ulrich stating that the figures running towards them were not men, but wolves.

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