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Flight to Freedom: The Underground Railroad

Flight to Freedom: The Story of the Underground Railroad, written by Henrietta Buckmaster, is a nonfiction text that projects the history of the Underground Railroad and the risks taken to reach abolition. This text is a great introduction to a crucial moment in the abolition of slavery. The activities below can be used to supplement a greater unit on slavery and the Underground Railroad!

Student Activities for Underground Railroad

Discussion Questions for Flight to Freedom

  1. What was the Underground Railroad?
  2. Are the men and women who participated in the Underground Railroad considered heroes? Why or why not?
  3. How did farmers and other common people change slavery laws?

Flight to Freedom: The Story of the Underground Railroad Summary

The Underground Railroad maintained such high secrecy that little evidence can be found. The Underground Railroad was a secret line of farms leading from the slaves states to Canada. These "stations" were organized by hundreds of men and women who did not believe in slavery. Slaves were provided food, clothing, and a place to rest during daylight. The "conductors" of the railroad were daring and resourceful; they often had to participate in a ruse in order to avoid suspicion from slave owners.

For free slaves, life was difficult; they experienced poverty and faced the harsh cold and sickness. As the number of slaves diminished, additional laws were made and rewards were posted. Even during the war, the Underground Railroad continued and later revealed itself as the Aid Commission to begin rehabilitation for runaway slaves.

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